Tuesday, April 10, 2007


I had never paid much attention to this sculpture. I've been taking pics around town with my cell phone and took this yesterday. It wasn't a very good day for picture taking.

Haddad Riverfront Park, Charleston, WV

The plaque on it says the name of it is "Unity" and it also has two sculptors' names, Dr. Cubert Smith and another that appears to be in Russian. I was only able to find a little info about it online. It appears to have been undertaken via the Charleston-Korolev Connection (which fosters some kind of exchange/sister city program between West Virginia and Russia - Korolev apparently being a town in Russia). The sculpture was a collaboration between Dr. Cubert Smith, a Charleston artist and Director of the City of Charleston's Environmental Resources Office, and Vladimir Smirnoff, a sculptor from Korolev. It's kind of neat.

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