Sunday, May 31, 2009

At the doctor's office

The oral surgeon's office, to be exact. I broke an old dead tooth off recently and am going to have an implant. I went to the oral surgeon last week for an evaluation.


I am fascinated by the 360 degree x-ray of my mouth. I thought it looked like I had a very odd jawbone until I realized it's my entire mouth, flattened out.

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I love technology and how the x-rays appear immediately on the computer.

I'll have the rest of the broken tooth extracted in about a month, along with a bone graft. I found it interesting on the consent forms that they use cadaver and bovine bone! I jokingly told them I wanted the bovine bone (I could be part cow!) but they use cadaver. Although the surgeon said he would do whatever I wanted :).

After the extraction, I have to wait 6-8 weeks then a metal cylinder which will act as the tooth root is implanted. After that, I'll get an artificial tooth from my dentist.

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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

Yeah I know I'm a week late. I spent the weekend with my family. Saturday Mom, Sis, Niece and I had a sleepover at Mom's. Sunday we picked up Nephew and Lil Bro and went to Diehl's for lunch. Later I went to visit Step-Mom. I am blessed.


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Saturday, May 02, 2009

Sleeping Kittens

Sleepy Snoopy

Stubby wakes up enough to wonder what I'm doing

Someone needs repotted

Billy's Soho's at Southridge

We finally tried Billy's at Southridge today. I g uess it's actually called "Billy's Soho's at Southridge".

Billy's is located in what used to be Smokey Bones, near the Red Lobster and Olive Garden at Southridge. The menu includes "home cooking" type food, seafood and pasta, basically. You can see the menu at Fork You's blog here:

Although I think the prices are a little high, the portions are large and the service was good. The decor is the same as when it was Smokey Bones, which is a lodge-type atmosphere with log paneling, a stone fireplace and lots of tv screens. The restaurant is large and has ample free parking.

Overall we were pleased with our food. Husband got the meatloaf, which he said was "pretty good". He had his choice of mushroom gravy or brown gravy and chose the mushroom gravy. He chose the green beans as his side and said they were "very good." His meal also came with a salad and bread basket. The tomato came from my sandwich.

I had one of the specials - a prime rib sandwich. I ordered it with provolone cheese only, specifically said I wanted nothing else on it, but they still brought it with lettuce and tomato. No problem, since it was open faced and easily removed. I asked if it came au jus (the French Dip is my fav sandwich) and the waitress said it could if I wanted it to. I noted prime rib au jus on the menu so that should be easy enough. I envisioned thinly sliced, tender and juicy prime rib and the broth typically served with a French Dip. What I got, however, was thinly sliced hard and dry prime rib. They apparently grilled it after slicing it. The "jus" was gravy.

After hearing Fork You's raves about the onion rings, I chose them as my side and was not disappointed. They were delicious and among the best I've had.

This is probably not a place we'll go often, but we will try it for a change now and then.