Sunday, August 31, 2008

How to Give a Fantastic Foot Rub

"You can use any type of moisturizing cream or lotion. A favorite is relaxing lavender scent or a refreshing peppermint scented creams which are easy to find at most stores.

Let’s get started and make your friend comfortable.

  • Have your friend tell you if anything causes pain or they simply want to end the foot rub
  • Being gentle is the safest way to rub especially if you are rubbing elders, children and if someone may be under the weather
  • Your recipients body language is a good way to judge your rubbing technique
  • If your rubbing techniques are reciprocated with pleasurable sounds, keep rubbing the way you are rubbing- it’s working

Some basic foot rubbing techniques...ready, let’s go!
  1. Begin with the right foot.

  2. The starting stroke in foot rub is a gliding stroke called effleurage. Effleurage is a technique which increases the flow of blood and gently stretches the soft tissue.

  3. Grasp the foot with one hand and stroke the top of the foot. Apply moderate pressure on the bottom of the foot, this area can be ticklish, we don’t want your recipient to be pushed into a fit of laughter.

  4. Rub and stroke your receivers’ entire foot. 15 -20 times on the top and bottom should feel extra nice.

  5. Rotation of the Foot- This move is not a stretching movement just simple circles to relax the foot and ankle.

  6. Support the foot with one hand. With the other hand, gently move the foot through its natural range of motion. Do not push the foot into the chosen direction. Simply and slowly glide the foot in an oval-type motion. As you slowly rotate the foot, you may find the range of motion increases slightly. Rotate the foot 3-5 times in each direction.

  7. Ankle/Foot Stroke- with both hands, simultaneously stroke the foot to the ankle several times. This is a whole body relaxing technique.

  8. Start with your fingertips where the toes join the foot. Use both hands to press down between the sides of the foot.

  9. Slide your finger up the foot toward the ankle, when your fingers reach the ankle area, wrap your fingers around the entire ankle (as far as your fingers will reach) and gently massage the front of the ankle joint with your thumbs.

  10. In general, rub only the muscle tissue when giving a rub. Areas with bone tend to be sensitive.
Make sure both feet are given the attention and same amount of rubbing; they work equally has hard."
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