Saturday, May 13, 2006

Chakra Beads

My first piece of chakra jewelry. This bracelet is made from 8mm semi precious stones matching the colors of the chakras: carnelian, red jasper, yellow jade, aventurine, blue quartz, sodalite and amethyst. Between each stone is a 6mm clear quartz stone, which is said to enhance the properties of the other stones. And there is one 8mm clear stone as well.

Each one is made with the intention of bringing blessings to the wearer and is cleansed with white sage. It comes in a black velvet pouch with a description of the properties of the stones used.

This one will sell for $18.00 which includes the cost of shipping with insurance. I will also be making another version without the small clear quartz in between - 3 sets of 8mm chakra stones with one 8mm clear one in between each set. These will sell for $23.00, which will include cost of shipping with insurance.

These are not yet on the website but can be purchased by just sending me an email - Paypal only.

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