Monday, May 29, 2006

Elkins, West Virginia

Some pictures from our trip to Elkins, one of our favorite towns. We had the pleasure of living there for a couple of years and still like to visit.

First off, the hotel with whom we made reservations double booked our room and screwed us out of a jacuzzi room, on a busy weekend (Memorial Day) when all but one of the hotels in Elkins and the surrounding area were full. We were very lucky to have found a room elsewhere. The hotel that almost ruined our weekend is currently called America's Best Value or something like that. It was formerly Best Country Inn and Suites and also formerly Best Western. They were extremely unprofessional and inefficient. The reservation list was a handwritten list (even though there was a computer on the desk - I don't know what it is used for, surfing the internet is all I can figure). There was another couple there whose reservation was lost. Although they offered us a half price room I refused to stay there (the lady at the Super 8 said they should have offered us a free room, but I still wouldn't have taken it). I would suggest that you NOT stay there, ever.

We ended up at the Elkins Motor Lodge. Although it is not a modern hotel, we found it to be clean and comfortable and the staff to be friendly and professional. I highly recommend it and the restaurant, the 1863 Restaurant and Tavern.

Our room was in the building with the sign on it; the office and restaurant are in the lower building.

On up the hill there is another building and also a row of really cute cottages.

The room was large and the furniture old but well cared for.

Downtown Elkins

The town of Elkins is named for U.S. Senator Stephen B. Elkins. He and Senator Henry Gassoway Davis were very influential in the area and founded a number of things, including a church and Davis & Elkins college.

Anyway, this is not a good picture and I know I have better ones but this is the Graceland Inn and Conference Center. Graceland was built by Henry Gassaway Davis and his wife. It was originally on a 360 acre farm and it served as their summer home. It is named for Davis' youngest daughter, Grace.

Senator Elkins married Senator Davis' daughter, Hallie, and they built their summer home next door. Halliehurst was patterned after a castle in the Rhineland.

A statue of Henry Davis on his horse.

We had dinner at the 1863 Restaurant and Tavern and had this dining room all to ourselves.

There was a lot of civil war activity in this area and 1863 was during the war, so we weren't surprised to see the mural on the wall depicting a local battle.

We were seated below portraits of General Grant and General Lee. People in this area fought on both sides of the war. It was very divisive. Sometimes even members of the same family fought on different sides, including my husband's ancestors.

The lady who greeted and served us was very nice and very attentive. She offered to take a picture of us together.

The specials included a Delmonico steak topped with sauteed mushrooms. Dave chose that and I had a regular Delmonico. The steak was tasty although a little tough. All of the other food was great, including the stewed tomatoes, fried potatoes (Dave had), baked potato (I had), homemade dinner rolls AND homemade cinnamon rolls. And these steaks were HUGE!

If you're ever in Elkins, be sure to stop by and have a bite and this delightful restaurant.


  1. Bummer about the double-booking.
    :( Yes, they should have at least offered a free room, but I probably wouldn't have taken it, either. Asshats.

  2. Anonymous12:38 PM

    you are right the food has been great for as long as i have been going to elkins about 35 years