Saturday, June 10, 2006

More jewelry

All of these are for sale - just inquire if you're interested in one of these or something similar.

I am very into the gemstones right now. I've been working with round gemstone beads and now I'm ordering more different shapes. One of my suppliers offers these "grab bag" type strands where they string a bunch of extras together and you don't know what you're going to get. The first set was gorgeous and I made this bracelet with it. I'm not sure what all the stones are but there are moss green agate, jasper, rose quartz, moonstone, citrine?, amber?. Doesn't matter I guess, but I like to know. But I love love love this bracelet. [SOLD - I just sold it to my mother. But I've got 2 more strands of similar stones and will be making some more]

This set is really pretty. Blue Moon lampwork glass beads and silver tone sun/moon beads (sun on one side, mood on the other). I love these colors. This bracelet is fairly small, to fit a 6-7" or maybe even 7 1/2" wrist. The set is currently on ebay cheap.

Swarovski pearl bracelet commissioned by a friend, and I have more of the same pearls. I love these pearls - very good quality.

Light blue Swarovski crystals and "Live" and "Laugh" charms. Also on Ebay.

My first attempt at chandelier earrings. With peridot Swarovski crystals. Yes, also on ebay.

Newest chakra beads style

Speaking of chakra bracelets, the ones I've had so far are 8mm beads but I've now ordered 6mm beads so I'll be making those as well.

I got some other beautiful beads in as well yesterday. Fancy jasper twist beads that are sooooo beautiful I have to order more so I can make a necklace and bracelet both. And some pretty turquoise howlite cube beads. Howlite is dyed to resemble turquoise, making it more affordable. I haven't photographed the beads yet. Ohhh but I can get the photos from ebay can't I:

fancy jasper - i am in love with these beads

The turquoise howlite [I made an ankle bracelet out of these this morning and sold it to mom. I still have some left though].

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