Monday, November 06, 2006

Horse Whisperer

"It'd be easy to dismiss this guy with his pocket-sized dowsing pendulum and his see-through model horse. It'd be easy to reject outright his "talking" to horses -- whether in person or from a remote locale -- to have them tell him where it hurts.

It'd be downright better, sanity-wise, to skip altogether this foolishness where the horse is said to answer in good ol' American English any question Bill Northern asks in his dulcet Virginia tongue.

And yet there are believers among us, those who do not dismiss or reject but tell long, complicated stories about how their horses explained to Northern that their right leg/stomach/liver was irritated and every vet known to man had missed it but, on more careful study, lo, the reason for the aggravation emerged. And right there where Northern said it would."

Fascinating article! Lots more here: He just knows - Virginian says all he does is 'listen' to horses to learn what's wrong with them, and one is in the Breeders' Cup

His Website: Bill Northern's Website

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