Friday, January 11, 2008

Healthy Heart Kit

Coincidentally (or not, since I don't believe in coincidence when it's something like this), my selection of the month on One Spirit Book Club is a "Healthy Heart Kit". It's cheaper on Amazon so I'm going to get it there instead.

"It's a given that diet and lifestyle affect heart health. But recent studies show that your emotions as well as Mindbody practices such as guided imagery and meditation have an equally powerful influence. Now, building on the success of his earlier interactive kits, Dr. Andrew Weil presents a comprehensive approach to heart health, with The Healthy Heart Kit. Featuring medical experts Stephen Devries, M.D. (a pioneering preventive cardiologist specializing in integrative approaches to heart health), Erin Olivo, Ph.D. (clinical psychologist and director of the Integrative Medicine Program at Columbia University), and Martin L. Rossman, M.D. (founder of The Healing Mind and a leader in the therapeutic use of guided imagery), The Healthy Heart Kit offers a truly comprehensive action plan for lifelong wellness that includes: * Dr. Weil's Anti-inflammatory diet, emphasizing omega 3-rich foods, healthy carbohydrate choices, and delicious variety * New advances for heart health by Dr. Devries, integrating the latest science with an emphasis on natural approaches * Dr. Olivo's best exercises for optimizing the nervous system--mindfulness, stress release, and lovingkindness * Guided imagery--proven medically effective in study after study--in a 30-minute healing session with Dr. Rossman Combining all these strategies in one convenient program, including a 56-page workbook and thirty-five useful cards, provides an excellent way to begin a lifelong regimen for heart health."

I believe that we draw things to us that we need. I can't help but think I'm supposed to have ethis. And I love Dr. Weil anyway.

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