Saturday, January 26, 2008

John Rich's House and Fontanel

That house wasn't John Rich's house.

It's the Plowboy Mansion, former known as Fontanel, is or was the at one time the largest long home in America. Barbara Mandrell built it. According to one article, "It's become the place for Big & Rich and their pals to party, play music, hang out and have target practice."

Hmmm..... I just googled "Fontanel", and apparently a fontanel is the soft spot on a baby's head. So why did they name that huge house fontanel I wonder???

And according to this real estate listing:

It's for sale for $14 million. 27,000 square feet on 136 acres.

I'll tell you one thing, I almost cried last night when I saw the indoor pool and the wall of glass in front of it. Amazing.

Anyway, this article says a developers bought a majority interest in it from Big & Rich's managers, who bought it in 2002 at auction for $2.1 million!! Barbara spent $6 million building it and tried to sell it for $7 million but ended up auctioning it off. The developers are planning to sell it.

Oh Fontanel has its own website - I see, the developers are selling off the subdivided lots and creating a "private rural community". Very interesting.

John Rich's house is horribly ugly - very "modern" I guess.

Okay I know beauty is subjective. I love log homes so that's why I like Fontanel. Those who like modern may think John's real house is beautiful.

That's not even a real picture of it, it's an artist's rendering. I don't even know if he ever finished building it.

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