Sunday, April 13, 2008

My stump. My stump my stump my stump.

My lovely sitting stump.

So I've been wanting a stump to sit on . I don't know why, I just do. So yesterday while I was wandering around the yard I noticed a stump that would do well. A stump from a dead tree we had cut down a few years ago. It's actually not way back in the woods, not too far from the yard actually. And I don't know after all the brush grows in whether I'll be able to get to it. I cleared around it just a little bit, but there are berry vines growing back in there. I wonder if I can sit out there and not be afraid a snake will wander by or a bunch of ticks will decide to take up residence in my hair.

Anyway, here's me on my stump, captured by Husband who apparently was spying from inside :).

The view from my stump to the right

Straight ahead - the tree that was cut down, that used to belong to my stump.

Looking to the left. That other tree fell during a storm. There are a bunch of cut pieces of it that would make great seats for a fire ring, but they're too heavy for me to carry very far (I tried). And really, what would I do with a fire ring?

Spare tracked me down and wanted to sit on my stump with me

And wants a belly rub


Rascal sits on the fallen tree. Can you see him?

Spare will keep my stump warm until I come back.

Stubby watches from inside, wishing he could sit on my stump too.

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