Sunday, April 13, 2008

A springtime drive

I've done this in the winter (posted pics of a drive) but not in the spring, my favorite time of the year! Come with me!

At the bottom of the road we'll turn left onto Pinch Ridge Road.

Trees & Clouds

Sunroof Shot

There are redbud trees along the road everywhere

Look at the forsythia in that yard!

A couple of young Hereford cows

Look! Another cow!

It won't be long until these trees are green again

Tower cows on Dutch Ridge Road. That shaggy winter fur must be itchy. The middle cow was scratching her head on the tree.

The Elk River at Queen Shoals in Clay County

Now we're heading back toward home on 119 between Clay and Clendenin

Almost home now! That field needs some cows.

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