Sunday, July 06, 2008

My dream life

I have a dream.  To own a little farm, with just a few of each animal I want (goats, chickens, cows, horses), and a little garden.  And no need to make a living.  

This woman has my dream life.  (Not that she doesn't have to make a living, but she is able to make a living as writer apparently and that is awesome.)

Her blog is also entertaining and interesting.  I am just so envious.

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  1. valerie3:02 PM

    Awww. . .there is not much cuter than a baby goat. I saw one in person when I lived in the midwest, and that baby goat was just the most precious thing I'd ever held. I also dream of being self-sufficient and having farm animals (not to eat - just to take care of and love). I also want to grow food and beautiful wild flowers (some edible ones, too). I have always been a "writer" and one day hope to be published so that I can have my dream life.