Sunday, November 16, 2008

How To Create a Serene Sacred Space

""Sacred Space" is a special place you can retreat to and spend time alone in quiet meditation or retrospection. Here are a few helpful ideas for creating an indoor sanctuary.

Location - Choose an area within the interior of your home for your sacred space. Use a spare bedroom, a revamped pantry area, or a tucked away corner space apart from the main traffic areas.

Sweep Clean - Clear this space of stagnant energies by performing a ritual smudging (cleanse with smoke from burning sage wand). This should also be repeated periodically after you begin using your sacred space . If needed, give the walls in your space a fresh coat of paint.

Meditate: - After your space is cleared and free of "stuff" spend some time there in solitude before you begin introducing your new furnishings. What types of things do your love? Get in touch with each of your senses in choosing the furnishings and decorative items to fill the space.

Comfortable Seating: Choose from floor cushions, a gentle swaying rocker, recliner, or a stuffed chaise to stretch out in.

Calming Sounds: Introduce some wind chimes, water fountains, CDs & player, or a hand-carved wooden flute to play.

Taste: Peppermints for mental clarity, calming herbal tea blends, cinnamon red hot candies to awaken the taste buds.

Smells: Light scented candles, burn incense, keep a supply of freshly cut sprigs of lavender.

Visual: Decorate with mirrors, posters, paintings, art sculptures, altars.

Touch: Display several objects offering a variety of textures such as crystals, feathers, sea shells, woven cloths, a huggable teddy bear, etc.

Fresh Air: Having a window opening in your sacred pace is especially welcome to allow fresh air and sunshine for healing and happiness. If there is no window available, an air purifier is fair substitute.


Once your space is ready, honor it by making your presence there regularly.
Set boundaries by deciding who else, if anyone, is allowed in your sacred space.

Keep a supply of colored pens and notebooks if you want to maintain a journal in your sacred space."

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