Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Turkey Medicine

Native Americans believe animals bring us lessons we need to learn - when you see an animal a lot, have a particular fondness for an animal or see one in an unusual situation, it may have a message for you.

They also believe each person has an animal totem (or totems) that teaches, guides and protects us through out lives.

"Turkey is quite a bit like buffalo. very sacred. It is one that gives unconditionally. If you follow a wild turkey and watch you will find other foods to eat. The feathers have been used to make caps for ceremony as well as to keep rain off. Almost every part of the turkey can be used for one thing or another and of course the bird is also a food source. To the Cherokee the turkey was as sacred as the eagle if not more so. They teach adaptivity for that is what has helped them survive the destruction of their forest. They are nest sharers with several hens keeping eggs in same nest and tending to them. This insures a greater survival for all the chicks. it teaches strength through being in the flock and allowing others to assist you in not only finding food but raising your young and being a part of the

source: Whitehorse Woman, about.com's Holistic Healing Forum


"Native American Indians view the Turkey as both a symbol of abundance and fertility. After heavy, uncontrolled hunting by European settlers and American hunters, the Turkey almost vanished to near extinction by the early 1900's. The Wild Turkey is a resilient bird and a survivor. When reintroduced, they renewed their populations very quickly, symbolizing the renewal and rebirth that must take place for all nature in order for humans to survive.
Turkey is the symbol of the Mother Earth and her abundant harvest. All of Earth's blessings and the ability to use them to their greatest advantage are part of Turkey's teachings. The Turkey is also a symbol of sacrifice. In Turkey's death, we have our life. This reminds us to act and react on behalf of others. Act not out of
some sense of self-righteousness or religious guilt, but out of the realization that all life is sacred.
Turkey is telling you that you have much to be thankful for, even if you can't see it at the moment. Life is a wonderful gift and the world is full of abundance. And not only do we receive, we can also give back. What are you giving back? How are you helping to replenish what has been given to you? Turkey is asking you to be aware of the needs of others. Generosity sent out will be generosity returned. Genuine gratitude and willingness to give opens the door for good to enter."


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