Saturday, December 27, 2008

My Christmas

Wednesday: Christmas Eve

I had to work all day, which was disappointing. I expected it but a coworker suggested they might let us go early so I got my hopes up. Next year I'll be sure to request annual leave.

We usually spend the afternoon and early evening at Dad's but since I had to work this year we started a little later. We went straight there after work. Dad made margaritas with his magic bullet and had a bunch of appetizers out.

Note that the men know their place - in the kitchen!

Usually we just drink and snack but this year we had a sit down dinner. Dad grilled filet mignon, and it was so good.

We had a great meal and very nice visit. We hung out and talked, opened gifts, and I played Cranium with Sis and the kids. Playing games with them is one of my favorite things in the world to do. We had a blast. We got home around 10:00 and I gave Dave his gifts (I had already gotten mine before Christmas).

Thursday: Christmas Day

Christmas Day we always go to Morgantown and spend the day with Dave's family. We got up at our usual time for work and got there around 10:15. We had a very nice visit and a great roast beef dinner. Gifts were exchanged. Sis-in-Law and I played some trivia games. And we looked at old pictures at my request.

It was a good day, marred only by the fact that I fell twice. The first time, walking out of the In-Laws' house, I wasn't paying attention and fell and landed on my butt. I didn't hurt myself. I got annoyed at Dave saying "Oh it's okay she falls all the time" and I said "I do NOT fall all the time!" I hate it when he says that. But a few hours later I proved him right when I fell out of the car onto the Dairy Mart parking lot after getting my foot tangled in my purse. That was the hard fall, the worst result being a pulled a muscle in my back which is still bothering me.

We got home relatively early and got to enjoy a quiet evening at home.

Friday: Boxing Day (if we were in England anyway...)

Today we spent the day at my Sister's house to celebrate with her family, Mom and Lil Bro. Unfortunately, Dave had to work most of the afternoon so I went up by myself and he came after for a little while. Actually that worked out okay I think because he gets bored while I play games with the kids all day. He got to come and visit, eat, open his presents and sit with a little dog by the fire.

The kids got a Wii for Christmas so we played that a little as soon as I got there, then ate.

After eating we opened gifts. My favorite gift I got this year was the hand-made stool that Bro-in-Law made from wood from the walnut tree they had cut down this year. He made them for everyone and they were so beautiful!! Niece picked mine out for me, because it was oddly shaped, and she knew I would like it because I like odd things. Or because I'm odd. One or the other. LOL.

We spent most of the rest of the day playing with the Wii. I got the kids Mario Kart which is a blast. They also had the Wii Fit and I let it determine my Wii Fit age (55! ack!). I did a little yoga on it with Niece and impressed her because the Wii told me after the initial evaluation that I did not have good balance, yet when doing yoga the virtual trainer repeatedly complimented me on my excellent balance. So there.

The Wii Sports is great too, we especially enjoyed the tennis. We also did bowling and played a bunch of other games on the Wii Party Games I think it was called. My favorite one of those was the shooting game. First you're shooting at cans then skeet, which I jokingly said were flying saucers, but then the next part there WERE flying saucers to shoot! There were little people running around the field screaming and little UFO's were coming down to abduct them!! It was hilarious. I wish the Wii wasn't so expensive - I would LOVE to have one!!

I was exhausted when I got home last night but happy to have had such a wonderful three days celebrating with family. I am so grateful for them and for all that we have. I hope you and yours had a wonderful holiday as well.

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  1. I LOVED reading this.

    The Wii is fun. We're hardly playing it these days though. We SHOULD play it more...especially the active games.

    I love the stool made by the cut-down tree. Beautiful!

    Sorry Dave is picking on you and your falling.

    I had a dream about you last night! My family was supposed to get on this bus. It had something to do with Australia. I think maybe it took us to the airport. It was like a public parking lot--kind of like a school one. You were waiting at the bus for us. I figured you wanted to give us a Christmas card. I thought it was so sweet of you. And I was worried that we'd miss the bus.

    I have the package with your book in it ready. I'll try to get my butt to the post office as soon as possible. I'm horrible at mailing stuff. But send me your address and hopefully it will happen.