Saturday, December 13, 2008


I must say, so far I am impressed with our new roomba!! We got it on sale from Amazon last week. It appears to clean the floors (carpet and non-carpet) well. It picks up lots of cat hair that's for sure! You do have to clean it really well every time you use it if you have pets. And pick everything up off the floor. Although it does well at not getting the cords all tangled up. We didn't buy the virtual walls yet so we have been making our own barriers to keep it where we want it. It seems to run for a long time, over an hour today I think.

The cats aren't too alarmed by it. I wasn't here the first time it was used. Today they reacted kind of like they do with the vacuum. It's not as loud as the vacuum. Snoop stayed away. Roscoe and Stubby were both somewhat curious about it and watched it a little but then got bored. At first they would run when it came near them but eventually just walked away from it.

Here's a short clip of it with Roscoe. I tried to make Stubby ride it but he wasn't down with that...


  1. Now I know what your voice sounds like!!

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  3. Isn't that weird!! I always think it is when I hear someone I've never heard but have known for years. They never sound like I think they will :)