Tuesday, March 17, 2009

How old is that tree?

By looking at the core of a tree, we can count the annual circles (rings). Each ring represents one year of life for the tree. As I understand it, the lighter circles are the growth in the spring and the darker circles are from the summer growth for the year. So you just count either the light or the dark (usually the dark because it's easier?)

I would like to know how old the larger trees in our yard are. I examined one of my sitting stumps.

Those two photos are of the same stump. This is a tree that came down in a storm a few years ago. I didn't count the rings, but it appears to be fairly old, maybe 100 or so? Maybe not. I don't really know.

This tree is a younger tree that was growing beside the sourwood tree and Husband cut it down. It wasn't very big around.

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