Thursday, March 05, 2009

iPod touch Kindle app - my first impressions

I downloaded the Kindle application last night and played around with it just a little. The selection of books is GREAT. You could browse through them for hours on Amazon. I actually browsed on my computer instead of my Touch - I should have done it on the Touch too but didn't - maybe I'll do that tonight. There are lots of cheap (old, obscure and/or classic) books for less than $1. And then there are lots of current books as well, usually for $3 or $4 less than the paper versions I think (I didn't look at many of those yet).
I wish I could convert all the books I have waiting to read to Kindle versions!
The reader works well. It's very basic. I was disappointed that it doesn't include some of the features available on the actual Kindle and which are available on other reading apps (eReader in particular). eReader allows you to highlight text, make notes and look up words. The Kindle app does not. It does let you bookmark sections at least. Hopefully future releases of the app will improve the functionality.
I am still glad to have this option for my iPod. What a wonderful thing it is to have my games, music, photos, calendar, email, contacts, internet and now books in one small device I carry with me everywhere I go.
Someday I will have the iPhone and then I'll have my phone and camera in it too! And internet everywhere I go, not just in wifi spots.
I wonder what the future holds for these devices. Thinking of the things I carry in my purse - someday maybe it will also be able to be used as a debit card, hold a scan of your driver's license or identification, be coded to be used as a security card to get in my office building or a parking garage card. I love technology!!


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