Thursday, June 04, 2009

Sims 3 for iPod Touch (and iPhone)

I am a huge Sims fan. The first time I saw the game, I KNEW it was the game for me. Create little people and control every aspect of their lives? It's like playing God! LOL I played the original Sims, Sims 2 and even Sims for the gameboy. And this week the newest Sims game, Sims 3, was released!!! Also released on the same day was the Sims 3 iPhone/iPod Touch application!! Since I had decided not to buy the desktop computer version just yet, I was thrilled to learn I could get one for my iPod Touch. And for only $9.99, it was a cheaper way to get my Sims fix.

Although it's certainly not the same as playing the full game, it is a scaled down version (unlike like the Gameboy game I have, which is really nothing like playing the Sims). The Sims look just like the Sims on your computer and can do a lot of the same things, with some limitations. For example, you are limited in how the Sim can look, what furniture you can get, etc. So let me tell you what I have learned about it so far (some things are unlocked as you go along and I haven't learned everything about it YET).

When you create your Sim, you can choose skin color, hair style/color and clothing but you don't have very many choices. You also choose the type of person they are, the choices being Jack of All Trades, Nice Guy, Jerk, Sleaze, Power Seeker and Maniac. You can further define their personality by also choose 5 personality traits (out of several) for them, such as good sense of humor, friendly, easily bored, conversationalist, slob, etc.

Your Sim starts out with a small home with the basic necessities and a little money. The only thing not included that I think is a necessity is the stove, which you can buy. Unfortunately, there's no cheaper alternative like the microwave in the old Sims game. You can't change the home at this level.

In order to cook, you need the stove but unlike past versions of the Sims, you also need to purchase recipes AND the ingredients for them. The cheapest recipe is grilled cheese, which requires buying only bread and cheese. Once you run out, you have to go back to the QuickMart and buy more ingredients before you can cook anymore. You can also get a quick snack from the fridge or buy a meal at the town's restaurant.

After buying the fishing kit (at the hobby store), you can fish in the town lake and catch fish to use in your meals. You can also grow your own vegetables, but you can't do that until you upgrade your house and I haven't gotten to that point yet.

Another purchase at the Hobby Store which I found to be important was the repair kit. I discovered that when my first Sim's refrigerator and tv both went out at the same time and I had limited money and had to sell a few things in order to buy the repair kit. That was the only way to fix the broken appliances (you can't hire a repairman!).

In order to make money, you must find a job. Jobs include working at the restaurant, the QuickMart, the town hall, the science lab, etc. Work places seem to be dangerous. My first Sim died from an attack from a lab monkey. However, I was able to load the saved game again and she was still alive. So don't despair when yours dies. I couldn't figure out how to get promoted at work and was just biding my time assuming it would happen after I gained skills or something. But then I noticed when talking to my Boss Sim that I could ask for a raise. I did and he gave me one. I don't know if it's always that easy. I had built up a good relationship with him beforehand.

You can meet other Sims in town or you can just go to a house and introduce yourself. You interact with them similarly to the old Sims, by choosing from available actions, sometime dependent on what kind of relationship you have. As you build your relationship, you go from acquaintance to friend to good friend. If you choose to be romantic, you can go from budding romance to date to partner. Those are all the levels I have seen so far. One note about interacting with other Sims - one thing I didn't realize right away is you have to scroll to see all the possible actions. Sometimes the other Sims will offer you money to do things, such as kicking another Sim's trash can, slapping another Sim or even bringing them some cheese.

The only real negative I have found so far is the fact that the game crashes regularly. But the beauty of the fact that it is an iTunes app means that the makers can push updates out for it whenever they want, so I hope this will be fixed soon. Most of the time it's not too aggravating, but the last time it happened for me I was trying to visit a particular house and every time I got there it crashed so I had to give up and do something else.

I haven't gotten very far in the game so I'm sure are other things to be discovered. So far I like it a lot and I think it will satisfy me at least for a little while. Eventually, however, I will have to buy the actual computer version.

EDIT: after posting this last night, I tried rebooting my ipod by powering it down and that seemed to help the crashing.

EDIT 03/13/11 - Comments to this post have become redundant - there's nothing more that can be said, so I am disabling comments.


  1. hi, it´s a nice review from you.. Thanks a lot..
    i play this sims recently and found out that it was harder than other sims, that i played on PC. As you said, we have to buy recipe and ingredients first before cooking and so others..

    I´m really frustrating on money right now. lol.. that could happen either in real life or in sims life -_-

    Anyway, i´m enjoying this game so much and bring a lot of fun indeed.

  2. I want to get Sims 3!!!!

    I'm thinking of buying it this weekend. Thanks for your review.

    The cooking stuff sounds complicated though. I'm thinking Sim 3 might be just as hard as my real life....maybe harder.

  3. Anonymous4:43 PM

    For fast money, go fishing, fill up your inventory as much as possible and sell to the quik market. Sell by clickig on fish you have and press the (-) side and it will pay up to like $1,000

  4. Dina yes you must get it!! And let me know how you like it. I think I'm going to get it for my birthday. If my computer can handle it. I need to check the requirements.

    You may want to read the Amazon reviews on it too. The gameplay is different - you can only follow 4 families or something like that.

    You can get Tim to do the cooking for you ;)

  5. Anonymous9:20 AM

    Thanks for posting this-yours is like the only blog that gives help for the iPod version of the game. Also, does anyone know how to actually start the relationship? Cuz I've been trying to get to "budding romance" for 2 days to no avail.

  6. nice review.
    me myself am completely enjoying the game although i cant run it at full capacity the game still has alot to offer there are some REALLY HARD CORE GAMERS ripping on it but thats cause they play it to fast like its a side scroller or something but idk i love the game and cant wait for more stuff to come out.
    woot for sims 3

  7. Anonymous3:54 PM

    lol if u hav a jaipbroken itouch or iphone theres a 65K money patch

  8. carman ramsay7:25 PM

    the crashes are mostly only when there is 30 or lower % of battery power left, and you can ask the boss for a raise, but also you go to work and when it says a coworker steals something and report it, report it and if you have a good relationship with him/her then youll get a promotion but if your boss dont like you, he will fire you insted of keeping you

  9. Anonymous11:33 PM

    does anyone know how to slap the sims on the ipod touch version?

  10. Anonymous2:48 AM

    ok its a bit complicated. you have to be non friends with them of course. now here is the hard part. you have to scroll down with the actions. it will say chat and stuff but scroll down, not sideways but DOWN, and it will say "be rude" you have to insult them or something first then do it agian and then the slap action will be there

  11. Anonymous7:53 PM

    How do you woo hoo?

  12. Anonymous11:09 AM

    you cant have a baby or a business partner on the itouch version.

  13. Anonymous3:02 PM

    i can't figure out how to start a told me i had to srt one, but i can't fgure it out...i'm best friends with another sim, but i can't figure out how tou get in a relationship with them., i've asked a total of 2 sims to move in including the one, i want a relationship with, but they have both refused, countless amount of times....confused, what should i do?

  14. Anonymous11:07 PM

    yeah i cant figure out how to start a relationship either

  15. Anonymous8:18 PM

    u hav to not be friends with the person yet, just barely know them, then, u flirt a few times and do a pick up line like twice and a budding romance will start

  16. Anonymous11:27 PM

    Anyone know how to reach the top of your career? I have already asked for a raise and gotten one. I am best friends with my boss and reported a coworker for stealing, but I can't seem to get to the last level.

  17. Anonymous5:01 AM

    I don't get why would you waste ten dollars on the game when you can have your iPod hacked and download it and many more things for free o.O. Anyways I have a question, how do you know what are the ingridians and who is your boss

  18. Anonymous9:43 PM

    Yesh i just got sims 3 today but im alredy in a budding relationship with my boss so i get raises alot, but i dont know how to open my inventory oh, and its the ipod version

  19. Anonymous7:38 AM

    how do you know who your boss is? where does it say? (ipod version)

  20. Anonymous12:45 PM

    I've just figured out how to get a friend live with you- first you talk to the person that you want to live with and start a budding romance by being romantic. Then keep going until that person's your partner. Propose to them by talking to them, going to romantic and scroll down to propose. Talk again, go to romantic and select get married. Now that you're married go home, get to the phone and invite your husband/wife over. Talk to them, scroll down to actions and select move in. They now live with you. Finally, talk to them, scroll to divorce and select it. DON'T make them move out though! Then talk to them normally until they are your best friend. Voilà!

  21. Anonymous5:33 PM

    yhea need to know who the lab boss is

  22. Anonymous10:39 PM

    wen ufirst get a job itll say ur bosses name

  23. hey, I need to know what foods u need to make the baked trout, if you know, heres my information.

    aim- xXsexXcupcakeXx

    nimbuzz- iiTouchedJoshua

  24. Anonymous6:53 PM

    go to were it has the people you know.
    open each person and down the bottem underneaththere career and partner
    is if there your boss.
    by the way ruth is politics
    kia is biology

  25. Anonymous12:10 PM

    how do you become a boss on sims 3 for the ipod touch..? its one of my wishes to become the boss and i dont kno what to do

  26. Anonymous8:32 AM

    can you have a baby on the i touch version

  27. Anonymous2:17 PM

    can you have a baby on ipod touch versoin

  28. Anonymous12:46 PM

    tip : when you catch fish u can sell them at quickmart a tuna gives you 100 simdollars

  29. Anonymous4:54 PM

    I can't seem to get a raise... I'm married to my boss but whenever I ask for A raise he just says I need to spend more time at the office then he says 1/10 what does that mean? P.S. I work at the quickmart

  30. Anonymous1:53 PM

    I just got sims 3 it rocks! But I can't get them 2 have a child!!!!

  31. Anonymous12:03 PM

    that means that you've only worked 1 out of the 10 days that is required for you to get a raise.

  32. Anonymous12:55 AM

    I befriended my boss, made conversation then asked for raises. I did this for a few days, but im stuck at vice pres. For money, I grow veggies in the garden then sell them to the store, as well as fish (3 tuna will get you 300 bucks)and sell them at the store. Be mindfull, keep some for yourself, because it costs twice as much as selling it at the store.

  33. Anonymous4:36 PM

    I'm getting mad, I bought the sims3 for ipod touch, I can play it and everything but i cant get the update(s)!!!!!!!!!!

    I have been playing this game for about two n 1/2 weeks and so far ive "woohoo-ed" about lets say 30 times it seams like you CANT get knocked up. To get a raise you just need to be friends with your boss. Also a neat way of getting fast cash is to go fishing and sell them at the market. . . Im married to James or jessie (ha dont even know the name) but i cant find the option of asking him to move in. Also you have to go to work for a few days to get a raise and if your friends with your boss than report anyone steeling or such things. If not friends with boss you may get fired. I enjoy this game but it has its flaw's.

    ---- - - - - - When i go to serch for updates from itunes app. store it just tell's me that there are no updates, everything is up to date. WTF! No it aint!! How do i solve this?

  34. I don't think there have been any updates to the software in the past 2 1/2 weeks. I can only recall one update since I've had it and I got it shortly after it came out.

  35. Anonymous11:26 PM

    To woohoo someone keep talking to someone about romance until start dating at some point it will be added as an extra conversation piece if you scroll down on the romance topic

  36. Anonymous12:04 AM

    Was asked to get a new recipe but owned all already. Finally sold one then bought it again and this worked!

  37. Anonymous12:28 AM

    How many times do you get promoted before you are at the top of your game?


  39. Anonymous4:45 PM

    I havn't got the update, sense i bought it, it shows no new updates and i dont have any of the new stuff like other's have with their sims3 for itouch. . . This sucks... and Im not sure how many times you can get promoted but its more than four times.

  40. hey ms jamie i just got the sims3 for ipod touch
    how do i stop my sim from eating so much and starving to death one thing befor i leave this site you will have tons of fun with sims 3 pc and sims 3 for ipod touch only thing is sims 3 for pc is wayyyy better than the sims 3 for ipod touch sims 3 you get to do lost more stuff a by the way you sim in sims 3 for ipod touch will be dying alot by starvation sorry...!?!?

  41. Anonymous5:23 PM

    This game isn't how I imagined it... I wish we were able to make families. I also wanted to design my own house... Or make like a little neighbor hood of Sims like you could do in the Sims 2 PC version. On iPod Touch, none of these features are avalible... It's starting to tick me off. EA needs to update NOW!!!

  42. Hi yes I have the sims 3 version for iPod touch and I LOVE it. A lot of people are. Asking questions so here is some

    -find out cooking ingredients- when your walking around town at the bottom right corner next to your goals there will be the goal button thing. Click it and then swipe your finger to te right or left till you find the items you have. Scroll down to see the recipes and click on them to see the ingredients.

    -start relationship- it's pretty simple just keep acting romantic to them. If it's not workingnand the person you are trying it on is your like bestfriend or something get it back down to just friend by being rude then start acting romantic.

    -easy money- fish fish fish!! Fill up your inventory with fish and then sell for about 1500!

    Hope this stuff helps!! Have fun!!

  43. Oh and where you see the recipes is the inventory(:

  44. Anonymous1:17 PM

    How do you invent recipes!?

  45. Anonymous12:08 AM

    On the sims itouch/iPhone, a good way to get money is by going fishing and selling it. It can get added up to thousands of dollars.

  46. Anonymous8:49 PM

    Does anyone know how to get a promotion?And I saw it kept reminding me that growing grass.But I cant't find any seeds in the Hobby shop to grow grass.And I just discovered 53 of the 73 wishes and it started to repeat the old wishes again and again without new wishes coming out!

  47. Anonymous12:26 AM

    Ohhh. You 'invent a recipe' by buying one, lol

  48. Anonymous4:36 PM

    Can you get pregnant on sims 3 for ipod touch?

  49. Sorry you can't get pregnant on this one.

  50. Anonymous12:39 AM

    how do i plant seeds i really need help

  51. Anonymous10:56 AM

    To get a promotion just keep going to ur job and now or then a popup wil say "chance!" a coworker is stealing from work , then report it . Usually ur boss gives u a promotion, for a raise just gaing up ur levels in fishing,cooking, gardening, and repairing (the higher the levels are the better chance of raise.

  52. Anonymous2:23 PM

    Ahhhhhhhhh what so you can't have any. Kids.That sucks!!There must be some way.

  53. Anonymous9:01 PM

    Does anyone know how to get the sims to move in with one another after they get married? It's a little bit stupid for them to live in two seperate houses after marriage.

  54. Anonymous8:38 AM

    invite them round to ure house then click on actons then ask them to move in

  55. swaggshine@ymail.com10:35 AM

    Heres what I know so far. In order to get a raise you have to had worked there for 10 days or reported something. Next one work on your skills -gardening, repairing, fishing, cooking- and then become best friends with your boss. Ask for a raise you get one. Work on your skills some more -to the maximum- and ask for another raise. I make 300 a day. Meet everyone in town and become friends with walter he will challenge you and then you win and get 200$. Johnny will give you 100 for tuna fish. Kia for catfish. If someone asks you to do something for money do it! You cant have babies. Only Friendships, And Relationships. They can move in with you just invite them over on the phone scroll down and click actions and then ask to move in. Or it will just be right there. Im in a relationship with almost every guy but living with Luke. Im working at the QuickMart -whatever its called- because i got caught stealing from The Lab. My Story:) Need any help email me at

  56. Anonymous6:44 PM

    Hey people! Well first off I wonder if anyone visits this blog anymore.... I have a few questions myself, and a few answers, so here goes. To geta promotion you have to be friends with your boss, I'm best friends with mine and I always am able to get promotions, and if your in the chef career your boss is Marcell, well atleast mine is. Does anyone know how many times your able to get promoted? (Im paid 300 a day, is that the highest I can go?) It is totally true with the fish! I make the quickest cash off that, and it's just a personal opioniom, but I wouldn't buy the 2nd upgrade for your house, it's not worth it. They give you two more rooms, and other things, but since the furniture is so limited, theyre not worth it. But that also brings me to this: Theres not alot to but, I have both upgrades, a car, and some of the best available objects, with 2k to spare, the only place I can't acess is the pawn shop, does anyone know how to make it accessable? Of course I just bought the app about a week ago, so EA might be done upgrading it, sadly, though I would hope not, did anyone ever find a way to get knocked up? I've tried ALOT, but it's not working, I would hope that EA didn't leave that out. A few complaints I have would be serveral things, how limited the hair and clothes are, how we can't control our spouses, how we can't have families, and how limited the house upgrades and objects are. Any questions, please continue to post, any help the same :)

  57. Anonymous6:13 PM

    ok so i work in the politics career and my boss is ruth i am her bestfriend and even though i talk about work and stuff i still cant get a promotion as an option

  58. Anonymous1:13 PM

    GOOD NEWS EVERYONE!! I have the sims 3 for iPod touch I have been married on the game for a while now. And a "try for a baby" option has just appeared. Bosses-science lab - KIA Town hall - ruth Quickmart - hope that helps x x x

  59. Anonymous1:25 PM

    Slide down to action click on that then ask for raise

  60. Anonymous7:50 PM

    how long were you married???

  61. Anonymous9:23 AM

    Have you had a baby ?x

  62. Anonymous11:06 AM

    I found out how to get into a relationship and I am married. Once you meet a sim of a different gender you only do the romatic actions and you will start a budding romance. If you keep doing romantic things then you will become dating and then partners and then fiancée once you ask them to marry you and then you are spouces. Hope this helped

  63. How do you shake the pans slowly to cook?

  64. Anonymous9:58 AM

    I like this game it is cool. You can also marry your partners and you can get your house supper big and I work at the town hall and I get 300! So you just have to get promotions!!!!!!!!!

  65. Anonymous1:56 PM

    To get woohoo: Chat, tell jokes, and compliment the sim you'd like to woohoo. Once they are friends, start using the romantic options until it gives you the option to woohoo the sim. Some sims won't woohoo you until you are either dating, engaged, or married. If that's the case:
    To date: Keep using the romance actions until you are dating. Dating is a friendship/romance level.
    To propose: once you are dating, you use the romantic actions until you get the option to propose marriage.
    To marry: after you are proposed you can select the action to marry at any time.
    To move in together: go to your house. Invite your mate/etc over. Under actions, select ask to move in
    hope this helps :)

  66. Anonymous3:49 AM

    How do u open pawn shop

  67. Anonymous3:51 AM

    How do I open pawn shop

  68. Okay so I'm best friends with Luke but how do I get my sim to move past the best friend stage and into a romantic relationship o.0

  69. Anonymous5:48 PM

    How do i become a boss of a business?? Also how long do u have to be married 2 have a baby???

  70. Anonymous6:11 PM

    you cant b best friends if u want to b in a romantic relationship

  71. Anonymous5:53 PM

    hey how i can star a romantic relation and woohoo?

  72. Anonymous7:01 PM

    Can you adopt kids? I've just got married to my partner and waiting for the 'try for baby' option to appear, but thinking I could adopt maybe...

  73. Anonymous2:27 PM

    This is my story :
    My sim is called rhizzi and she lives in a house ( i have expanded it once) so i have a garden. I am level five on everything and i work at the bistro- i started at the town hall, then bistro, then quickmart and now bistro again- i have been married twice and divorced twice. if you marry walter he insults yu a lot and if yu marry bernie he just is snobby. my sim is currently a partner with luke and i have tried to have kids and adopt but it doesn't work. maybe we should write to EA and say if the sims have woohoo they should be able to have it with or without protection - so you could try for kids??- anyway you can only be promoted four or five times and be payed a maximum of 300 simdollars...does that help anyone??

  74. Anonymous12:20 PM

    How long you have to wait to have kids if your married?

  75. Anonymous2:06 PM

    I Got the sims 3 for my iPod touch a about a week ago and I was wondering if there is anyway that I could download the sims on my computer and transfer it to my iPod touch because the sims 3 for the iPod touch is not as good as the pc version.

  76. Anonymous11:13 AM

    I got sims3 and I think the best husband is Luke. Did u know that if you r a girl you can still marry a girl that to me is so weard. I want kids and I want to be premoted again so I am president instd of vice president you know? It would be way cool. So any way here's the real problem I keep dieing and then I go back on that sim but I don't get payed it is so cheep I don't know if there is some way I can make it not die but if there is I'd like to know. Ps the best thing to do for cash is to go fishing after work the onely problem is that it gets your smell and clean down but besides that lots of cash

  77. Theoiscool5:27 PM

    Thanks so much! I never knew how to date someone until now your a god!!!

  78. The.Piggy.Bank.Robber5:20 PM

    thanks for the review. I got the game this morning and, as I work in the quick mart, I decided to get to know my boss. And now I am married to him. To woo hoo someone you have to scroll down in the 'romance' section.
    I only started today and now I've got a car, a husband and a fully upgraded house. I think I'm addicted to this game !

  79. Anonymous4:46 PM

    I can't get past the best friend part how long does it take to get into a relationship ???

  80. Anonymous11:26 PM

    I am a millionaire

  81. Anonymous8:59 AM

    So can you or can't you have a child on this game or adopt cos everyones saying different things !!!!!!!

  82. Anonymous2:02 AM

    Hey I just got it this mornin.... How do I grow plants?

  83. Anonymous9:07 AM

    you grow plants by upgrading your house and there is an alotment outside your house. you can buy seeds at Quickmart. i have Johney as my spouse and how long do u have to be married before the try for a baby thing comes up? You have to achieve all 73 goals+wishes to open the pawn shop-i think...

  84. Anonymous9:19 AM

    just to say, i have had two different sims on the game and i have realised that its a lot cheaper just to buy snacks or meals at the restaurant whenever your sim is hungry than to buy recipies and ingrediants etc. etc.

    also.. when does the shop open?
    and can you actually ever get preganant?


  85. Anonymous5:20 PM

    instead of payin for food just eat for free at other peoples houses :) also if u wanna stop being best friends and start a romantic relationship just slap them until ur just friends the start flirting and stuff

  86. Anonymous3:22 PM

    i have been married for ages now and how long to u have to be married to try for a baby?

  87. Anonymous9:45 AM

    can someone please tell me how to have fun, and how to sell fish and how do you try for a baby?

  88. Anonymous9:49 AM

    i made a relationship in no time, just find a person you like and keep doing stuff in the romance section, after you are " parteners", then choose the marrige option and they become your fiance, then choose get married and there you are!

  89. Anonymous12:18 PM

    you can have fun by watching TV or reading a book. you sell fish by going to quickmart and choosing an item then pressing the minus button. i dont know how long u have to be married before the try for a baby thing comes up, but i hope its around 4 months...

  90. i am so annyoed i really want a baby! it is just SOOOO anoying that my sim wont do it! is it possible?


  91. Anonymous7:45 PM

    im really rubbish at earning money with the fish because i need the money to buy uprades, appliances etc etc so does anyone have any suggextions or cheats on the best way to save ur money?? and are there any cheats???

  92. Anonymous3:51 PM

    You have to have a place to eat (apparently you can't eat at the desk or coffee table) before you cook or you will fail. You have to upgrade your house before you can grow veggies and you have to keep buying watercans and fertilizer to actually grow the veggies. Same sex relations are allowed too, for the halibut, I started flirting with Marcel in the park and once we got to the date level - we could do it anywhere - and did! (his girlfriend threw me out of the house though! - LOL) You can make the right "chance" choice and still get fired if the other guy lies about you, but you can appeal to your boss for your job back. S3 is totally fun on the iphone, but it really is hard on the battery. About 2 1/2 hours of playtime allowed before you have to re-charge.

  93. Anonymous11:05 PM

    To slap a sims you need to tap them then scroll down and you will see many things like action be rude and more I forgot what they were you just need to do it to see them

  94. Anonymous10:03 PM

    ok i know that this sounds like the same thing everyone else is saying but i really want a kid. i think it would be fun to be able to raise them and everything. can the person who said it popped up plz answer all these people and tell us!!! i am begging u and so is my bff. we both have the newest version and everything! my sim is a real player and is partners with every male sim in town. she has also been married 4 times. she is currently married to luke and has been married to him for a really long time!!! all of her personal goals are met and she is almost expert at everything. she is at the top of the carrer ladder. she works at quikmart the pawn shop is not open yet but i think i m close to having it open. wat is in there anyways? o and by the way raeann if u havent figured it out by now u hav to b rude to luke and stuff and then go down to just friends then u can b romantic and then u start a budding romance. anyways i know that this probaly too long and probaly no one will read it but still i wanted to make my point and by the way if ur going to tell everyone that u found out how to hav kids u should giv more info cause a lot of people want to hav som and u didnt even tell them how to u juz told them u could!!! i gotta go now PEACE OUT ( my bff says hi and to plz respond!!!) PEACE OUT!!!!!

  95. Anonymous8:39 PM

    on the ipod touch, you can get money, easily. I never ever go to work, EVER!
    First you hit the ... button in the bottom left corner.
    Then you hit the Help & About button.
    Then you scroll down and hit the Gardening Tips.

    Then shake!
    and VIOLA!!!
    you can keep shaking for more money

  96. Anonymous11:16 AM

    Jailbroke my ipod and got this for free on cydia instuallous great game although you cant have children with your spouse, I also got a married in 4 days game time including sleep and only spoke to them 4 times ;D

  97. Anonymous1:31 PM

    you have to update the game before you can shake your ipod to get the money

  98. Anonymous6:08 AM

    there should be a way to have babies plsss answer iread all the comment every one wants a baby

  99. Anonymous9:26 PM

    To all of you all who have this game and are tight on money here is a
    thick that you can do til your hearts intent... Down at the lower left corner is the three dots, right? Once you click that go to help & about. From there go to gardening tips. Finally shake your iPod till you hear a chaa-ching look at your amount of money! It should increase. You can do this as long as you want! Hope this helped!

  100. Anonymous6:34 PM

    To own the pawn shop ( it's kinda hard ) you have to get all the achievements and acheive them. The pawn shop will give you the highest paying salary of 600 simoleans at the highest position. In case your wondering, the career is in thievery. The boss is Nina. I don't remember I'd it sells you stuff.

  101. Anonymous10:08 PM

    Thank you and I would really like to know how to open the pawnshop. Also if this is any help you can go to help and about, then gardening tips and shake your device and you get money. I hope that helps. If anyone knows the way to get the old lady Ruth to marry you please tell!

  102. Anonymous11:02 PM

    do you know how to switch people when they move in with you?

  103. Anonymous4:10 PM

    It sounds amazing!! I'm going to buy it right now, for the iPod Touch!!! It's so cool how they've invented this kinda stuff. Can you have a family on the iPod Touch version??

  104. Anonymous9:17 AM

    Okay so I am vice president and I'm best friends with Ruth and two oft goals are get a promotion and reach top of career ladder. I have asked for a promotion from Ruth like a thousand times and it just comes up with a negative sign, instead of you need to work more on your people skills ect. So how do I get to be president and the town hall?? X

  105. Anonymous4:36 PM

    For money go to the help and about tab while your playing ( access it through the circle with 3 dots) you have when your acually in the game not at the main menu anyway go to the help and about and scroll down and click on gardening tips while your in that place shake your device and your money account will be added 500$ on sims it does work trust me

  106. Anonymous7:44 PM

    Omg babiezzzzzz pleaseeeee :( for iPod touch??? ANYONE????

  107. Anonymous8:58 PM

    I've been married to *cough* Bernie for a while- my advice kids, don't marry him even though he's got good cash- but recently after I'd say a Sim Year on the game, the option to have a baby came up. Not sure if that's to do with buying the Sims recently and it being an update or that's just what it took. I didn't have one, of course, I'm having an affair with Jake D:

  108. Anonymous12:20 PM

    Can u get pregnant on the ipod touch? I really want kids and to go through the pregnancy and birth

  109. Anonymous7:14 PM

    can you have baby?????????????????????????? plz awnser!!!!

  110. Anonymous6:48 PM

    No u can not have a baby

  111. Anonymous5:37 AM

    To the person who asked bout ruth and how to get a promo- you need to make friends with everyone then you can get the highest position

  112. Anonymous5:16 PM

    Hi this is my life on sims 3
    Basically my name is Maya I work in the lab (which is the best as you get payed the same and work for less hours) and I love sims 3 and since I've heard that you have to be married for a while to have babys I didn't get divorced like I was doing constantly and I've still not seen the try for baby icon can someone help me please??

  113. Have you completed all the goals? My sim unlocked 53 goals, & it won't show new goals, it keep repeating the old goals.. I think I have the updated version 1.2.14. Pls, pls help me, thanks!

  114. Anonymous5:58 PM


  115. james fisher9:12 AM

    you need sims 3 ambitions to make them have children, it was just released for ipod touch wednesday night/ yesterday morning, it is priced at £2.99, you can do most of the things you can on the pc version

  116. Anonymous12:32 PM

    hi everyone i hav a great tip on getting money
    you go onto the 3 dots (...) and click on help and about.
    then scroll down to gardening tips and tap on it.
    start shacking your iPod quite hard and for each shake you get 500 simoloneons
    Im now on 103,729 simoloneons

  117. How do you ask for donations? Anyone? I have reached to top of my promotion limit as a chef and want to build my own Bistro, but it says I need to get $5000 donations? I cant seem to find a reference for that anywhere.

  118. Anonymous8:44 AM

    This is my story, i got this app sims3 ambitions for iphone/ipad/itouch on my ipad last night, i couldnt get off of it! I made friends with the majority of people, i have a wonderful House, i got to the top of the artist career, made me very rich! I grow my own vegeatables and i have a car, i made friends with anthony then we became best friends, budding romance, dated, partner, moved in, engaged got married, had a baby and have woohooed ALOT! My baby grew to a toddler. i came on the sims this morning and it said that they took my child away for neglection?! What the hull? Ive completed my handiness points and cooking, almost gardening and completed parenting. I currently work in the bistro now to come top in chef career but has asked me to build a bistro to get my final promotion! How do i build one? Am i just building it as if im building a house or is there a special way?

    Tips: you dont have to be friends with your boss to be promoted just complete the requirments you have todo,

  119. Anonymous1:17 PM

    how do you complain to another sims in sims ambitions?

  120. Anonymous5:16 PM

    When your talking to someone it sometimes (depending on your mood) it will come up with complain about fatigue or somethiong like that..

    *Im the person who has posted above your question*

    I have a question to anyone.. Im top of every career but firefighting, and have top in every skill, how do i become boss in my current job?! Im rich have a great house, own everything, i have nothing left todo but come top in firefighting?! Which i cant do :/ ha ill have to try again, but i really want to become a boss of the gallery.. HOW?! Also good news i had another child which is brill :) and im having an affair LOWL

  121. Anonymous5:18 PM

    You dont get $5000 donations to build bistro you have to use your own money (you will get it back!!)

  122. Anonymous10:05 PM

    how do u bulid a bistro on ipod??? if u can

  123. Anonymous7:16 PM

    the cheT TO GET money is great! thanx for helping? but hhow do you make a baby?

  124. Anonymous6:14 PM

    I heard therez a cheat code 2 have a baby 4 da itouch version but I couldn't find it I'm really confused :'( if any1 knows it can u pls tell me! If u do ur awsome sauce!!!!!!! Ty :)

  125. Anonymous5:02 PM

    how do you move stuff from inventory?? where is inventory???

  126. Anonymous3:11 AM

    I love the game and found these experiences from others very helpful. I was concerned about inventory as I don't know where to find it. but if all I gotta do to not be full is sell at the Quicky Mart, works for my overload problem. Thanks!

  127. Anonymous1:41 AM

    I have one problem I'm good friends with everyone in the town, but now it won't let me have a relationship with any of them. Is there anyway to fix this??

  128. Anonymous8:58 PM

    1)You have to go back to being friend with the person you want to be with, you can't star a relationship with someone by being more than a friend. 2) inventory: gclick on were you needs are then slid from left or right and you'll find it. 3) to build a bistro go to town you'll empty places click on one of them to build your bistro your choice on were you want it bu you have to have the money $5000. 4) Ok about kids u can have a baby if u have the sim3 ambitions and the person who said they took her baby, that's how it works you have to take care of your child or they'll take it. I hope I this was helpful. The game is greed you just have to anderstant it and you'll love it. If you have anymore questions this is my info

  129. Anonymous11:33 AM

    how do u sell fish. there is no quikmart on my map!

  130. Anonymous4:59 PM

    When does the third house upgrade come along

  131. Anonymous5:01 PM

    to get the pawn shop open, you must complete your personal goals and complete all 73 other goals. you can look at this by going to the main screen of the sims and click goals. there you can see what you need to do. you can only do the things when they are saved in your wishes at the bottom of the screen

  132. Anonymous10:04 AM

    so can you have a baby on the ipod touch or have the people that said they were given to option to "try for a baby" got a different version to me??? someone please answer!!! =) also thanks for the gardening tips money cheat!!!

  133. Anonymous3:25 PM

    Can you sell your house? And how do you unlock things? I want to get a house like my neighbors have, they're really nice and my house sucks.

  134. Anonymous4:43 PM

    Where do I see what and how many goals I have completed???

  135. Anonymous3:32 AM

    if you want a veryyyyyyyyyyyyy easyyy way to make money....go to the left corner where it is"..." and then go to help&about and then go all the way down to gardening tips...and once you get there just shake you will give you 600$ fast.
    i went from 138 to 40,000.

  136. Anonymous4:55 AM

    How do you have a baby on iPod touch sims 3 pls help

  137. Anonymous11:53 AM

    How do you shake the pot for Cooking Promotions?? Just shaking the iPhone doesn't work :(

  138. Anonymous7:56 PM

    Can you start a relationship if you are best friends with somebody???

  139. Anonymous3:54 AM

    How do you become he boss of a business

  140. Anonymous9:49 AM

    You cant have a baby on iPod touch :(

  141. Anonymous9:50 AM

    You cant have a baby on iPod touch :(

  142. Anonymous1:19 PM

    You can't have a baby on the sims 3 iPod touch . You cab only have them on sims ambitions

  143. Anonymous5:20 PM

    How do you recieve a generous tip in the chef proffesion?

  144. Anonymous6:26 PM

    I bought the app on my ipod two months ago. I've completed all the persona goals (all 73), and the pawn shop finally opened.. only to discover that all you can buy is a car.
    You can't really upgrade your home - you are capped on the type of furniture you can buy.. and Ruth isn't fun anymore (when you slap her she slaps back! I spent nearly 30 minutes slapping her!)

    I am bored. Moving on.

  145. Anonymous6:28 PM

    You can make a lot of money (without cheating!) by buying a fishing kit and fish all day.

    Then go to the quickmart and when the menu pops up hit the "-" to sell rather than the "+" to buy.

    I made an average of $1K/day (and never got a job)

  146. Anonymous10:24 PM

    kan somebody answer if u kan get a baby in sims 3 ipod version cuz i really want 1 and whats better sims 3 or sims 3 ambitions?

  147. Anonymous3:18 PM

    If you have allready met all the sims in town how do you complete that goal???

    And what if the same goals keep popping up?? I've gotten reach top of career ladder twice in the same hour of playing....???

  148. Anonymous12:46 PM

    can i have babies in this game?

  149. Anonymous4:19 PM

    i found out to have a baby you have too update it

  150. Anonymous4:20 PM

    Here's a cheat- pause the game and go into the help/about menu. Scroll down to 'gardening tips' and tap it. Once the little screen with tips comes up, shake ur iPod once, but hard. A little simoleon sign should appear, and u get around $500 everytime you shake.

  151. Anonymous9:38 AM

    1)to open the pawn shop you have to unlock all 73 goals. 2) to garden you have to upgrade you house. then go hom e and look around the outside, on the back left of your house is a square with these pole things sticking out. thats your garden. 3) to get into a rellationship you have to be friends, not good friends juuuuust friends. then you fkirt and stuff, and it will be a budding romance. 3) if you need a job it is best to work at the coriscono place because it has the least work hours but you get paid the same amount. 4) the best way to get mmoney is to go to the bottom left with the '...' and press help & about, scroll down to gardening tips then press it then shake your ipd, you get 600 $ ! (: hope i helped but i wanted to know, how long do you have to be married to get a baby?!