Friday, December 15, 2006

Christmas Activities

Yesterday we had a staff luncheon at Embassy Suites. This wasn't a firm-sponsored lunch. The staff draws names and we go out to lunch at our expense and exchange gifts. Embassy Suites has a wonderful buffet, and it's such a nice atmosphere in the atrium. Like having lunch in a jungle.

After work I attended the Lakewood Elementary School Christmas program which wa sheld at St. Albans High School. My niece, Maddie, was in the older group who performed The Incredible Reindeer, wherein a group of superhero reindeer save earth (and therefore Christmas) from the asteroid hurtling toward it on Christmas eve. Maddie played one of the four superhero reindeer, "Laser Squint". She is so adorable. And it was a great program. The pre-schoolers sang songs, and the other group of younger kids did The Littlest Christmas Tree. It was so enjoyable, and really helped get me in the holiday mood.


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