Friday, December 22, 2006

Indigo Girls New Album

I am a bad IG fan. I didn't even know they HAD new album. It is Despite Our Differences. I've added it to my wish list but I suppose it's too late for that for Christmas. I'll buy it after though.

One review says it's their best since Come On Now Social in 1999 so I am very anxious to hear it. I don't love any of their albums from that point on (I like them, but I rarely listen to them, and prefer their older stuff -- which I adore).


  1. Since I learned about it here I thought I should tell you.

    I just got "Despite Our Differences" and it is very good. It reminds me of their older stuff like "Nomads, Indians, and Saints" and "Swamp Ophelia". I'll probably do a post about it sometime soon.

    When you get it make sure that you get the collector's edition as it has an extra cd with some live sets and alternate takes.

    My favorite IG cd is "1200 Curfews" BTW.