Saturday, December 08, 2007

Work and stuff

My week went by very quickly as I was pretty busy at work.

In September I changed jobs. As background, I have worked in law firms for 24 years. I have been a secretary, legal assistant/paralegal, office manager, computer manager, billing manager, bookkeeper, administrative assistant (sometimes more than one of those titles at the same job). When I started working at this firm in April 2006, I took a job as a legal secretary after spending a year as a legal assistant as another firm. But then in August my boss asked me if I would be her paralegal. Initially I said no but then I changed my mind and in September started working as her paralegal. My boss's husband (who actually runs the firm, although my boss is also a named partner) told me if I didn't like it to let them know because they wanted me to be happy and wanted me to keep working there. After a month or so I wasn't happy, for a number of reasons, and when I found out they were looking for a secretary I told them I was interested, and long story short on Monday I went back to my old job.

I am SO GLAD to be back in my old position. It's better for me in many ways. I am happier. I move more, instead of sitting in an office alone all day. I have more interaction with my coworkers and don't feel as out of the loop as I was. Even though I did like having my cave, because I have hermit tendencies, it's not good for me to do that every single day. I've still been eating my lunch in my old office so I still have a cave to go to for now. The only downside is my back has been bothering me but that will improve. My knee is actually improving because of moving more often and not getting stiff. I need to start getting some walking in.

Last night we has our Christmas party at Fazio's. It was nice, I enjoyed it more than last year's party. And I hadn't been to Fazio's in forever. My only complaint was that we weren't offered lasagna as a choice, and I really love their lasagna. We had filet mignon instead which was actually very good.

Speaking of restaurants, I finally made it to Cilantro's this week. It was okay, not as good as I thought it would be. But maybe I need to try it again and have something different. Everyone else seems to like it a lot.

We had the first real snow of the season this week. It finally feels like winter. I have most of my Christmas shopping done. I want to make a few things on Cafe Press, buy a few gift cards and finishing painting some things. Oh I still need to come up with a Christmas card too. Several years ago we started making our own cards featuring our cats on the front and now people expect it and we can never go back to buying them again!

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  1. I'm glad you like what you're doing!!!

    And MMMMmmmmmm.... Faaaaaazio's!

    I love Cilantro's. There are so many combinations, you never get tired. A good combo is the chicken with the raspberry-chipotle sauce and mango salsa, if you like a sweet/spicy mix that is a little bit different. Or, if you're not up with spicy things, the fish with the cucumber sauce and corn salsa is pretty good, too.