Friday, February 01, 2008

Pizza & Pepsi Day

So once a week I allow myself to have real, good pizza w/o worrying about the calories & fat. Today I also decided since I hadn't had any Pepsi for a week, I would also let myself have Pepsi. I went to Graziano's (Capitol St, the best pizza ever) and had one slice with sausage and mushrooms and one with just mushrooms, then took some of the sausage from one and put it on the other.

I think next week I'll only have one piece of pizza because two actually made me feel too full! And the Pepsi tasted TOO SWEET. That really surprised me.

I have been surprised also that I haven't craved or missed Pepsi really. I haven't had much difficulty just drinking water and tea and occasionally juice. That is a very good sign for me.

Fridays USED to be Tudor's day :(. I don't see me having any Tudor's in the near future.

I'm doing very well with food. Now I need to get back to walking. Definitely next week.

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