Saturday, February 23, 2008

Reiki, Foot Detox and Herbal Remedies

So today I went to Lady of the Lamp and had foot detox and reiki. The proprietor of the shop is Jeannie Short.

I wasn't planning to do the foot detox today. I had asked her about it because Mom wanted to do it and I was going to go with her. But it was $5 off if I did it the same day as reiki so I went ahead and did it. Basically it's a pan of water (maybe salt water) with an ion generator in it. Allegedly, this pulls toxins out of your body through your feet as you soak them. My water almost immediately turned orange, which is related to joints. (There's a list of what each color means). By the end, there was also dark green stuff in the water.

And there was some type of sediment in the water. I washed my feet off with wet paper towels and they don't seem any worse for wear. I saw one web site that suggested the stuff in the water is just iron and has something to do with oxidation. I don't know, it doesn't seem like that could happen that quickly. I don't know what if anything it did but I figured it couldn't hurt anything.

A giant furry cat dozed next to me while I had my foot bath.

He was very sweet and let me pet him and licked my hand.

After the foot bath, I had a reiki treatment. This lady does several different energy healing modalities and said she doesn't do just strictly reiki, but whatever she feels is needed. I laid on a massage table in a darkened room with lovely music playing and the sound of a water fountain while she worked on me. Her hands felt so warm, almost hot at times. Sometimes she touched me, sometimes she just held her hands over me. It was very, very relaxing. Near the end I felt this energetic "jolt" is the only way I can describe it. And I felt like I was in a heightened energy state. I've had this happen recently when meditating but only a few times. I'm not sure what exactly it is. Anyway, afterward she said she felt like I had problems with my right knee (that's the one I had my surgery on) and my right shoulder. I do have problems with my shoulder sometimes but it seems like it's the left one not the right one. I need to pay attention the next time it happens to be sure though.

Jeannie is training to be a naturopathic physician and is almost done. When we talked about my medical issues, she suggested an herbal remedy that she felt could help with my sinus problems and get me off the Allegra D. I am all for that so I decided to give it a try. What I got is made by Pure Herbs, Ltd., and is "SI.A.-R" which contains Bayberry, Bitter Orange, Indian Tobacco, Golden Seal, Licorice Root, Wild Rose Hips and Thyme. (Everywhere I find this mentioned online it says it has several other herbs as well. I'm not sure why my concoction doesn't have those too.) According to the Pure Herbs Ltd website, these herbs are supposed to do the following:

  • Bayberry: Liquefy and drain sinuses, shrink and dissolve polyps of all kinds

  • Bitter Orange: doesn't say

  • Indian Tobacco: Nerves, spasms, rub on "charlie horse", cramping, poison antidote, asthma, empty stomach, food poisoning, correct bronchials, medulla

  • Golden Seal: Powerful antibiotic, activates other herbs, varicose veins, stomach, diabetes

  • Licorice Root: Adrenal nutrients, stamina, allergies, anti-stress, low blood sugar, takes place of cortisone, menopause, helps as hormone source after hysterectomy

  • Wild Rose Hips: Natural source of Vitamin C, connective tissue, neutralize poisons, build immunity, stimulants peristalsis, colds, coughs, healthy tissue, healer, repair blood vessels, stops bruising, helps absorb calcium

  • Thyme: Calms nerves, thymus gland in chest, high iron, promotes immunity, nightmares, colic, gas, ill-disposition, strengthen lungs

The concoction is a liquid and I'm supposed to take 1 tsp. three times a day. It doesn't taste very good. I'm very interested to see how well it works.

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  1. The cat looks just like my little baby girl.