Tuesday, March 04, 2008

A trip to Morgantown

This weekend we went to Morgantown to attend the West Virginia Broadcasters Association Awards Banquet.

We drove up Saturday morning, arriving in time to have lunch at my husband's favorite restaurant, Wings Ole.

Afterward, we spent a couple of hours just driving around Husband's hometown. This is where I worked when I lived there, The Hampton Center. The firm I worked for has moved down to the waterfront now though.

While exploring some of the new roads where they're building (They are building ALL OVER town - apartments, townhouses, shopping centers. It just blows me away.) we accidentally drove onto the experimental farm on Stewartstown Road!! I used to drive past it every day on the way to work, just to see the cows. Okay, the name is not really the "experimental farm", technically it's the West Virginia University Animal Sciences Farm. But Husband calls it the experimental farm so I do too. And they do research and experiments apparently, because this is from the university's website "Located on the outskirts of Morgantown, this 935-acre facility is a central component of the Experiment Station research on beef cattle, dairy cattle, sheep, and swine. "

Here are a bunch of experimental cows (with lots of baby cows!!! I love baby cow season!!)

I talked to this pretty black cow. I love visiting cows. I wish there were more cows I could visit here.

And here's a horse farm. We stopped to visit with the horse pictured. He wanted to know if I had a carrot, but I didn't.

Eventually we made our way to the Waterfront Place Hotel, where the banquet was being held and where we were staying.

This is my new favorite water. Fiji water!!

Artesian water bottled in Fiji untouched by human hands or exposed to the outside environment until you open the bottle. They had this in our room at Stonewall Resort, but it was $5. You can get it at Sheetz or Go-Mart (convenience stores) a lot cheaper! They have it at Kroger in my area apparently, although the particular store I go to isn't listed. It's a more expensive than regular spring water. But worth it, I think! I won't drink it all the time, but it can be an occasional treat!

So anyway. After we got settled in, we went out and took a walk on the rail trail that runs behind the hotel and the other waterfront properties and along the river. It was a little cold but we enjoyed it.

Then we came back to the room to get dressed for the banquet.

We went to the reception and had some free drinks then to the banquet and awards presentation. We had a really good time and enjoyed the people we got to hang out with. I got really tired during the awards part though and didn't want to go to the cigar bar like a lot of people were. I told Dave he could go on but he came back to the room with me. We sat in the dark in front of the huge windows with the curtains open and just talked while we looked out toward the lights of Morgantown.


  1. I am SOOO jealous! I've had an absolute craving for Wings....hot burrito, no tomatoes, and fries and bleu. Not hat I've thought about this or anything.... :-)

    When I lived in Morgantown I worked almost next door to the Wings. I'd each many a lunch there, by myself reading, or later with friends I'd gotten to know. I do miss those lunches!

  2. It's usually our first stop when we get into town, and on our way out of town we stop and get enough burritos and tacos for 2 meals to take home with us LOL.