Wednesday, March 12, 2008

What feeds your spirit?

Last night @ girls' night prompted by our oracle cards we were discussing things that feed our spirit. I was thinking of posting about that and ask you what feeds yours. Then I got this in email and thought it went well with the question:


Everything is made of energy. Each of us has an energy field. Our thoughts and emotions extend beyond our physical bodies and influence the people and spaces around us.

When you lift your spirit, you raise your vibration. You raise both the frequency of your own energy field, and the frequency (vibration) of the energy in the environment around you. And you feel better and lighter when your spirits are high.

Quickly write down as many things as possible that lift your spirit. Now look over your list. Which of the ways you recorded are not regular parts of your life? What would it take to make the underused ways regular parts of your life?

Doing the things that bring you joy and lift your spirit means your energy is lifted. And lifting your energy helps to lift the energy of the planet."

~ Karen Titanich and Bonnie Hutchinson, via

Some of the things that feed and/or lift my spirit:
* Quality time with my husband
* My cats
* Being in nature
* Springtime
* Uplifting music
* Walking
* Time with family (something I don't do enough of)
* Learning for pleasure
* Time with girlfriends, esp. Tuesday nights
* Reading uplifting or spiritual things
* Singing
* Dancing
* The Indigo Girls
* Flowers
* TV occasionally, but not most of what I watch

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  1. Interesting exercise. I'll complete it later when I'm not a work...a place that doesn't usually feed my spirit. ;-)