Saturday, October 28, 2006

Arts & Craft Fair Jewelry

I am selling jewelry at my first Arts & Craft Show at St. Albans High School on November 11.

I uploaded pics of the jewelry I have made so far for the show. I was surprised at how much I have already. I inventoried it today and took it out to see how it would look on the display stuff I've bought. I've got one more black velvet tray coming. The crystals really look good on it so I may put them on the new tray. I need more of some items. I have arranged by type first, then type of bead, and within the bead types I will organize by color and/or price range. For the bracelets, anyway. I'm so excited! I'm having so much fun with this and it's so new for me. It's 2 weeks from today and I am happy with where I am.

I ordered an antique white table cloth today (some things will be placed on the table cloth) and bought some silk yellow roses today to decorate with. I still have to make little signs for the table, price everything, make labels with the prices & descriptions, and a bunch of other stuff! Click on the pic below to view the web album if you'd like to see the jewelry.

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