Monday, October 23, 2006

West Virginia Record

I stumbled across this free newspaper in Graziano's one day. It is geared toward the legal community, I think, but I think non-legal people would find it interesting as well. Since I have worked in the legal community for over 22 years, I find it quite interesting.

What they say about themselves:

"OUR GOAL at the West Virginia Record is to cover West Virginia's legal system in a way that enables you, our readers, to make the public business your business.

As the state’s first and only legal journal, The Record will focus upon civil actions in our courts. Torts- as they’re known-- are too often ignored by the prevailing media, yet their progress has a profound impact on the people of our state.

We aim to protect the public’s interest by reporting on West Virginia’s civil justice system thoroughly and vigorously.

To be sure, whether one agrees or disagrees with the happenings at all of our courthouses, no one should believe that what happens at them is the norm. West Virginia’s courts regularly rank among the most litigious in the land."

You can find them online here: The West Virginia Record

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