Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Morning Scene

Every morning, an elderly man walks east up Quarrier Street toward the library with a little bag.  As he crosses Summers Street, the horde of pigeons waiting on top of the building fly down to greet him.  He dumps a bag of bread crumbs (I think - could be seeds?) and they feast.  He is there every morning, at the same time, to feed his friends.  But he doesn't stick around to visit.  He just serves them breakfast and turns around to go back the way he came. 
I love little slices of life like that.  And for some reason I find this scene touching.  And I wonder about the man and his life.


  1. Hi Jamie, I remember that gentleman well, when I worked at the Charleston branch library, I stopped one morning to talk to him. He was very fascinating. He told me that he did this because, although pigeons can be a nusense most of the time, they are God's creatures and have a need for food just like the rest of us.
    After that conversation, I had a completely different feeling about birds in general. I have much more respect for them, and in an odd sort standpoint, pigeons now seem to not bother anything that I'm near.For many years when I lived in Kanawha City they used to wreak havoc on my house, but after that they no longer bothered me...odd, but good.
    I love all of your blogs, keep up the good work, stop by and visit anytime.
    lovingly,Charlie Tee :-)

  2. I worked at the Charleston branch in the summer of 1983 and loved it. If I hadn't been so close to getting out of school I would have changed my major to library science.