Wednesday, October 25, 2006


I hate Verizon! I got a letter saying they were going to change our telephone directory listing to match the 911 records UNLESS I CALL THEM to tell them not to. I specifically set up our phone to show only our town, because Dave is in the public eye and we don't want crazy people showing up at our house.

So far I have called 4 times. First of all, they have a horrible voice activated automation system. You can't just press 1 or 0, you have to speak to it. And if you don't say the words it wants to hear, it says "sorry, I didn't get that". I have learned to just say OPERATOR and they put you through.

The first lady refused to help me because I didn't have my account number (the letter I rcvd didn't say I needed it and didn't include it). The second guy sent me to a dept where you order phone directories which wasn't open. The third time the automated system sent me to the place. The fourth time a lady explained I needed to call the billing department, which closes at 5:00, even though the letter said to call the number I called between 8:00 and 6:00.

ARGH! I hate dealing with companies like that! I really would like to just say forget it, cancel my acct. WE already use our cell phones as our primary phones, but we like to keep the land line for emergency purposes and to have a number to give businesses so we don't get calls on our cell phones that we don't want. We might just have to reconsider that though.

Oh and it reminds me of when we had Verizon DSL, and how they continued charging us for months and months after we cancelled and we had to jump through hoops to get that solved. Why am I still doing business with this company? As a matter of fact, they said on the recording that we can choose who our local carrier is. I am going to look into that as soon as I have time.

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