Friday, March 02, 2007

Peru: The Thirteen Towers of Chankillo

I have wanted to go to Peru since I saw it on that National Geographic show (that was only on for one season, unfortunately), called Worlds Apart, where they would take an American family and send them to all these exotic locations to live with and like the natives. Peru was so beautiful. The family they stayed with would go out on this mountain and meditate every morning while holding large crystals, Amethyst and others. I just wanted to be there so badly.

Celestine Prophecy is set there. I am fascinated by the ancient peoples in South America but I don't know a lot about them.

Anyway, I just saw this article about these stone towers on top of a hill in Peru ("the Thirteen Towers of Chankillo") that they have finally figured out is the Western hemisphere's oldest solar observatory. It's quite impressive from the arial view:

Here is the article: Stone towers make up oldest observatory in Peru

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