Friday, March 09, 2007

The Secret

a/k/a The Law of Attraction

The book/DVD "The Secret" gives three steps--"ask, believe, receive" . More detailed in steps, from BeliefNet with a bit added by me (but from the film):

1. Clear Your Mind - Designate a place in your home as your "intention space," such as an altar. Sit, quietly, comfortably, and breathe. Meditate 5-10 minutes.

2. Decide What You Want - Be clear or you'll attract mixed results. Focus on your desires and dream big.

3. Ask For It - Write down what you want very specifically, in present-tense, as if you've already gotten your wish: "'I am so happy and grateful now that...' And then explain how you want your life to be, in every area. Say it in a positive way - leave out negative words like debt i.e. "I want to get out of debt." Instead say "I am living a life of abundance and wealth."

4. Visualize Having It - Every day, close your eyes for several minutes and imagine yourself standing inside your dream home, embracing your soul mate, standing in your ideal body. Keep focusing on what you want and imagining it so clearly that you can see, feel, smell, hear, and taste it.

5. Express and Feel Gratitude - Make a list of all that you're grateful for. Gratitude brings more good things to you and will open your heart .

6. Release Control - See your request going out to the Universe and let go of the details. Don't worry about how you will get it. The Universe will find a way.

7. Stay Positive - Be aware of your thoughts and feelings. Positive thoughts are more powerful than negative thoughts, so don't worry ifyou have negative ones. But try to turn them around and into positive ones. Feelings are more powerful than thoughts and you can monitor your thoughts by how you are feeling. Turn sad and angry feelings around quickly . Read a book you love, listen to music, think of your pet or someone you love, walk in nature. Stay up, light, and inspired. If you start doubting, replace that feeling with knowing you have it already.

8. Be Patient - Keep on believing and sending out positive thoughts and feelings.

9. Invite It In - Receive and enjoy your gifts. Send out gratitude and love for this process Srround yourself with photos of what you desire, say your desire aloud, go to an open house, a test drive. Do what it takes to let it enter your life.

10. Share the Wealth - Mother Teresa said she wouldn't attend an anti-war rally, but if there was ever a peace rally she'd be there. Along those lines, see Iraq and other troubled places filled with smiling, calm, peaceful people, bustling markets, sweetness, and inspiration. Feel peace in your body, send your love.

More here: 10 Steps to Unlocking 'The Secret'

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