Thursday, March 08, 2007

A Trip to the Clay Center

Last weekend I took a trip to the the Clay Center (located in Charleston, West Virignia) with my nephew and niece. I had only been there once before, for a laser show in the Planetarium, so I was anxious to see the rest of it. I had seen that Africa: The Serenghetti was playing on the giant screen so I invited the kids to go with me. They had been several times so they had to show me around.

You can view pictures from our trip by clicking on this photo to see the album:

Clay Center

There is a beautiful sculpture out front, and I had the kids pose with the statue children before we sent in. Inside the Clay Center is the Avampato Discovery Museum, which includes interactive science exhibits. I love stuff like that! There are different sections, like "Earth City", which taught us about earth science and where had fun with water and dirt. Health Royale taught us about our bodies and health. It included a life-sized "intestine" and a Hollywood Squares game with talking body organs.

The best part (to me) is Gizmo Factory, which had things like a laser harp, a television studio (complete with anchor desk, teleprompters and monitors, and green screen), a full body pin screen, a voice modifier, and lots, lots more.

We really had a blast. I love kid stuff, particular when it teaches me things. You're never too old to re-learn all the stuff you forgot from science class!

The art museum upstairs is also very nice. They had exhibits from two West Virginia artists on display, as well as their permanent collection. Their website shows some of the art (perhaps all of the permanent collection), but it's not up to date. I can't find my favorite painting on it.

The Clay Center also has a giant screen, where we saw the movie. We skipped the planetarium this time.

I look forward to visiting the Clay Center again soon!

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