Friday, March 30, 2007

A walk along the river

Kanawha River, Charleston, West Virginia

I have been walking every day, 30-45 minutes generally. The weather was perfect today so I snapped some pics with my cell phone. I usually walk on the Kanawha Boulevard, today I walked below it, on the lower sidewalk, which is much nicer and less crowded. I stop and sit by the river and enjoy the peacefulness before I go back, and it usually puts me in a good frame of mind to return to work.

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Sunshine, jet trail, trees!

The first half of the walk, upriver


To the right from where I was sitting

To the left

Looking up toward where I usually walk

On the way back, down river

I heart big old trees! In the background is the Southside Bridge. Maybe next week I'll walk across it. But then I'll just walk right back, because if I continued I'd have to walk up hill, up Bridge Road. It would be a beautiful place for a walk, and I see people walking over there, but I'm not in good enough shape for that yet.

Bye for now

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