Thursday, May 31, 2007

Big & Rich Awesomeness

Watch video of Big & Rich performing in the "WalMart Sound Check". Lost in this Moment, Between Raising Hell & Amazing Grace, Save a Horse, 8th of November and Comin' to Your City!

You can watch any of them or all of them. And you don't have to sit through 30 seconds of commercials either (a shorter one LOL)

This is the first time I've heard Between Raising Hell and Amazing Grace and I really like it. I was disappointed in Lost in This Moment (it's a beautiful song, but not ... special). This is better. Their live sound is a little different from their studio sound, so I'll be interested to hear the studio version. I always like their live stuff better though. Except it seems like their kind of slurring over the word "hell". Or else it's not the same word in some places. It's somewhat perplexing.

Somewhere between raising hell and amazing grace
is a place i keep finding myself
Yeah I get a little crazy
trying to have a little fun
then I end up back where I started from
down on my knees I pray
oh Lord let me see another day
Somewhere between raising hell and amazing grace

The album will be in stores next week!!! Target has it for $9.98 next week.

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