Thursday, May 24, 2007

Dream Interpretation

I am terrible at trying to interpret my dreams. They just always seem so random and meaningless. This article talks about dreams helping us make decisions, with things like maps and signs.

"One of our greatest allies in life is our dreams. Whatever we seek to be, do or accomplish, our dreams can help us in reaching our goals.

Dreams have meaning, and when we pay attention to dreams their meaning bursts upon us in profound insights. Dreams validate the intuition, present solutions to problems, inspire creativity and bring healing. Since ancient times, dreams have been seen literally as a "hotline to God" for divine guidance in all matters of life.

When we are faced with important decisions, such as changes involving home, job and relationship, we often don't know which way to turn. We draw up lists of pros and cons, sit on the fence and second guess ourselves. Our dreams, however, cut straight through confusion with guidance that is crystal clear. Sometimes the dream guidance confirms what we already know and helps to end vacillation. Sometimes the guidance is unexpected--and we are put to a test of faith to follow it."

Dreams That Help Us Make Important Decisions

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