Thursday, January 01, 2009

2008: My Year in Pictures

January 3: Dave has a heart attack. :(

January 4: Dave gets a stent

January 18: Maddie (my niece) turns 12

February 12: Nick (my nephew) turns 15

February 15-17: We spend the weekend at Stonewall Resort thanks to Dave's work (work for Dave; relaxation for me)

March 1: We accidentally drive onto the WVU farm and visit with the experimental cows!

March 1: We stay at Waterfront Place and go to the WVBA dinner

April 16: We watch the circus elephants eat salad

April 19: I meet Aubrey Grace (Pam's granddaughter) for the first time at her grandmother's birthday party

April 27-30: We vacation in Hocking Hills, Ohio

April 30: The cats get really excited when we come home

May 10: I celebrate Mother's Day with Mom and Sis in Huntington

May 22: I spend a lot of time in the spring walking by the river

June 11: I meet nephew Ely (who lives in Oregon) for the first time

June 28: We enjoy FestivAll

June 28: The Raccoon Family comes for supper

July 9: Heavy rain brings flash flooding in Pinch

July 10: The cats discover a new past-time - chasing bird shadows (Roscoe is jumping there, not climbing!)

July 20: We discover a chicken hanging out at the Cracker Barrel

July 26: We go to a picnic in Virginia to see Aunt Bib

July 27: We visit Natural Bridge, Virginia

August 3: Mom, Sis & I celebrate our birthdays. I turn 45 on August 5.

August 9: We get our new sleep number bed and move the old mattress into the kitchen. Stubby thinks we should keep it there all the time.

August 12: I fall in love with Cathedral State Park

August 13: We walk to the top of Seneca Rocks, something we would not have even attempted a year before

August 14: We visit the Rockingham (Virginia) County Fair

August 15: We celebrate our 10th Wedding Anniversary at Harman's North Fork Cottages, where we spent our wedding night

August 18: I start my new job at the Federal Public Defender's Office!

August 22-24: I spend a great weekend with the girls at Willow House

October: Hoppy the Three-Legged Cat disappears and is presumed dead :(

October 12: We enjoy the fall colors on a trip to Morgantown

November 3: a mysterious sculpture is discovered by the river

December 11: Rock Band at Sis's house

December 15: I celebrate Christmas with my Girlies at Ruby Tuesdays

December 18: We attend the WVRC Christmas Party

December 24: We celebrate Christmas at Dad's

December 25: We celebrate Christmas at the In-Laws'

December 26: We celebrate Christmas at Sis's and do yoga with Wii Fit

Although 2008 started off rocky, all in all it was a good year. We were very blessed. And we look forward to all of the good things coming in 2009.

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