Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Weekend Update: Stubby Sick and Spending the Day with NIece

My main concern over the weekend and Monday had been Stubby. He was throwing up and acting like he was trying to get rid of a hairball. Not unusual, although he hasn't done it for awhile. By Saturday night he acted like he didn't feel well either - a little lethargic and he didn't sleep in his usual place (by my head) Saturday night. Sunday he was lethargic and not eating or drinking.

So Monday morning I got up and took him to the vet (Elk Valley) first thing. The recording said they opened at 8:00, but the vet doesn't actually arrive until 9:00. I went to McD's and got some breakfast then came back and hung out to wait. I got one of the female vets (Amy?) who I liked very much. She was good with Stubby and he was a very good boy. He was alert and interested in everything so that made me feel better. She took his temp and examined him. When she squeezed his belly it was obviously painful. We decided to start with x-rays then do bloodwork later if necessary. She gave him the x-ray and I could hear him yowling in protest. We waited for the results but found he had moved and they had to do another. This time he was perfectly quiet - resigned to it. The results showed a lot of fecal matter in the intestines but it wasn't completely clear on the computer yet - still loading I guess - so I don't think she could tell about a hairball in the stomach. She recommended an enema and IV fluids since he was a little dehydrated. She took him back as I was leaving and he was just acting like she was his buddy and didn't seem too traumatized by me leaving. I'm sure that changed when he got the enema. We picked him up on our way home. They gave him subcutaneous fluids because he was somewhat dehydrated. He already appeared to feel better. She told us to watch him and if he continued feeling bad or vomiting to bring him back and we'd run some tests.

I was so worried about him on Sunday. Because of Junior's death I freaked out a little. But once I had him at the vet I knew he was in good hands and I was able to relax a little. Stubby is closer to me than any other cat I've ever had - I don't know what I would do if anything happened to him.

I did have a good day Sunday though, even with the worry. I spent the day with my Niece. She turned 13 on the 18th and we were out of town so I took her out to have our own private celebration - a girls day out. Sis met me halfway so I wouldn't have to go all the way out to the house and then drive back to town. We met at Wendy's in South Charleston and while we were there a huge great dane was running around in the parking lot. He was very friendly, my sister discovered (I wasn't getting out of the car until I saw he was!) and luckily had a name tag on with his owner's phone numbers. His name was Rex.

Rex had apparently broken whatever he was tied with because there was a hook on his collar with a frayed end. The owner was called and came very quickly to get him. My sister let him get up in her car because he was hard to hold onto to keep from running away. We were right beside a busy highway and he kept wanting to go over to the road.

Niece colored her hair with Kool Aid! LOL Note the bright red streak and tips. Hey you can see me reflected in the car LOL

After we took care of Rex, Niece and I went to Logan's Roadhouse for lunch. Her favorite food is steak. We had very good food but lousy service. After we left there, we went to PetSmart so I could buy some cat grass. While there we had to look at all the animals of course. We discovered chameleons have really weird hands. And we petted a sweet white cat. We wanted to take all three of the cats home with us. And some mice and a turtle. But we didn't.

The next stop was my house, because I had forgotten to bring her gifts (a moonstone pendant on a silver chain and a gemstone chip chakra bracelet). While at the house we also watched part of the Dog Whisperer.

Next we went to the Clay Center. We were a half hour early for the movie so we went to the gift shop and looked around. I wasn't paying attention to the time and when we left (without buying a thing) it was 4:01 and the movie was to start at 4:00. The doors were already shut and locked! Luckily someone heard us and we got in. There weren't very many people there anyway. The movie was a giant screen movie and it was Jane Goodall's Wild Chimpanzees. It was good but only 45 minutes long and basically just an overview of her studies. But it was fun seeing all the chimps. We were both already pretty familiar with her work.

When we got out of the movie we got in the photo booth and had our pictures made. My scanner separated them when I scanned it and I had to put them back together! It also left off the "Happy Birthday" design at the top. :P  The really nice thing was that it gave us two strips so we each had one!

We left the Clay Center and stopped at Dairy Queen for dessert, even though it was snowing (as Niece said, "It's never too cold for ice cream.") After that I took her home. We had such a good time. I love hanging out with her.

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