Wednesday, January 14, 2009

R.I.P. Junior 2004-2009

Our next door neighbor found Junior (Stubby's brother, one of the back porch cats) dead on her back deck. He wasn't eating the past few days and he disappeared last night. :(

His other brother Rascal and his mother Miss Bobbi are going to miss him so much. He would sleep with them when it was cold. And he and Rascal were buddies, always playing together. He was such a good cat too. A homebody. He rarely went out of the yard, next door was pretty much as far as he would go. He always slept on the porch all year long (Rascal and Bobbi don't always when it's warm). He always wanted to come inside. Or for us to come outside and just be with him. I considered bringing him inside with Stubby, but was glad I didn't because he and Rascal had each other.

We're going to miss him. :(

We haven't seen Spare since before Christmas. I have hoped that his real people have let him inside. I hope he is up there safe and warm.


  1. oh how awful! I hope he didn't are so wonderful to take care of those cats and give them so much love!

  2. Sorry for your loss, Jaime. He reminds me of one of the girlfriend's kitties.

  3. I'm so sorry : (

    He was so cute.