Saturday, May 24, 2008

Dr. Weil on vitamins and supplements

I really respect and admire Dr. Weil. He is a Harvard educated physician and a believer in integrative medicine. I'm buying supplements today and was looking for more information and found this.

"In a special three-part series, the
“Today” show tries to clear up some of the confusion surrounding
vitamins. We know they're important to our health, but what's the best
way to get vitamins and which ones do we really need? Dr. Andrew Weil,
author and director of the program in integrative medicine at the
University of Arizona in Tucson, was invited on the “Today” show to
navigate through the nutrition maze.

it comes to obtaining the micronutrients your body needs, your best
possible source is food, especially fruits and vegetables. But
circumstances may prevent you from eating optimally every day. The main
reason I take supplements is for insurance against gaps in my diet.
Also, researchers are finding that some important vitamins (D and E
particularly) and minerals are protective against disease in amounts
that may be difficult to obtain through diet alone, no matter how
conscientious you are. This is another reason I take supplements
faithfully and encourage my patients to do so as well."

Lots more here:

Dr. Weil sells supplements also. On his website, he has a questionnaire you can fill out and it will give you advice on what you should take. You can buy from him (expensive) or like I did just have the results emailed to you and you have that to refer to when you're shopping.

I do think his products must be very good. I've been taking his omega-3 complex already for the past few months, because he submits his fish oil to an independent tester I linked to some time ago. But they are expensive. If I could afford it right now, I would buy from him. He'll send you packets to take daily with the supplements you want, and I think you can have them automatically shipped to you every month. But I did find a less expensive alternative I'm going to order from today. Lucky Vitamin had excellent reviews as a store and they have great prices. For example, the omega-3 I'm taking is less than half the cost of the same thing on (where I bought it last time, but it was on sale then). Here's the link:

I haven't actually purchased from them yet but I'm going to. They seem to have a good selection of products.

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