Saturday, May 17, 2008

My Saturday

We had lunch at Rio downtown. We haven't been going there since we like Casa Garcia so much better but it was really good today. And it is closer. Since we were at the mall, it was convenient.

We went to the mall to get Husband a hair cut and some (smaller!) jeans, but his hairdresser called in sick. I picked up some hair products for myself at Trade Secrets. Then we got two pair of jeans for Husband at Penney's.

Then it was off to do grocery shopping. We usually go to the Kroger's closest to us, in Elkview. But I wanted to go to the one in South Hills specifically to see if they had California Pizza Kitchen garlic chicken frozen pizza. Our Elkview has the brand, but they only have 2 kinds (one of which is the sicilian which is EXCELLENT, and has a surprisingly reasonable amount of fat).

I am never going back to the Elkview Kroger again! The South Hills Kroger had all of the CPK pizzas!! We got the sicilian and garlic chicken and margherita. They have a much better selection of EVERYTHING. A wonderful produce section with a large selection of organic. Sushi (yuck). A great meat counter. And best of all, our checkout person was fast and efficient, and we had TWO people bagging our groceries. At my Kroger, I usually bag half our groceries!! And if there is a bagger, they are usually terrible at it. I am a better bagger than most of the Elkview baggers and I am an amateur! LOL It's also nice that they have those check out counters where you don't have to take your groceries out of the cart. Definitely my new grocery store of choice.

After we got home we did a little work outside. Husband got the gutters cleaned out. They were pretty stopped up in the back and the water overflow was washing dirt out of my veggie garden. I used the decaying leaves we got out of them to fill in the garden. I also got my new plants in containers. And moved my pansies to new containers. And weeded a little. I need to get out there and get the side bed weeded and mulched the rest of the way. My cherry parfait roses are blooming, and my yellow rose bush out front is just about blooming.The alyssum I grew from seed is blooming too. I think I'm going to plant it in the front bed, where I also moved my small everblooming daylillies (or whatever they're called). I have purple pansies in that bed too but the slugs eat them all as soon as they bloom!!


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