Wednesday, May 21, 2008

I has roses

I love the first roses of the season!!

First, my favorite, the Jackson & Perkins Sunbright hybrid tea rose. I adore this rose. Unfortunately, so do the Japanese beetles. But they aren't here yet.

The Jackson Perkins Cherry Parfait floribunda rose. Not nearly as pretty. But does bloom a lot. It was actually the first to bloom.

I have two other bushes, a red hybrid tea called Mirandy (not JP) I thought I'd killed but it is alive! It is very small though and has one tiny bud on it. The second is my new Jackson Perkins Brigadoon hybrid tea that I just got this year. It doesn't have any buds just yet. It does appear to be healthy and growing though.


  1. Gorgeous Jamie! I love the water droplets on the petals too!

  2. Those are beautiful, Jamie! Thanks for sharing them.

    When those Japanese beetles rear their ugly heads, hit 'em with Seven dust. I have fond memories of following my grandma around when she was dusting her lovely roses.