Saturday, September 06, 2008

Gemstone beads for sale

I'm liquidating some of my bead inventory to help pay for a class I'm taking. I have several types of gemstone beads and also some wooden beads and goldstone (which is not really a stone at all). Types of beads include moonstone, several types of jasper, peridot, citrine, sodalite, garnet, magnetic hematite and more.

The prices are in the photo captions. Add $3 flat fee shipping to the total. is preferred, but if I know you, I'll accept a personal check.

First come, first served. Email me at jamieannharman @ or comment if interested.

Here are a few photo teasers. The rest are in the album link at the end.


NOTE TO LOCAL READERS: If you have a jewelry business, I also have some display items available such as earring holders and black velvet trays. I also have a little portable luggage type thing on wheels made particularly for jewelry. Email me for more info - must be local because I won't ship these things.

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