Friday, September 19, 2008

Using Reiki in Everyday Life

"One of the things that sets Reiki apart from other healing methods is that it can be used for a number of other purposes. Reiki can be utilized in all aspects of daily life! ... [Y]ou may be amazed to learn that Reiki can also be used on inanimate objects as well! Try it the next time you have a problem with your computer! Everything in the universe is created from energy; in giving Reiki, you are directing energy where there is a lack or an imbalance.

Reiki for Animals: You will find that animals seem to like receiving Reiki and can sense that something very special is being given to them by human hands, and they tend to become quiet and relaxed. Animals will usually let you know where to apply the energy by the way they position their bodies. Most dogs and cats will remain lying down until they have had enough Reiki, and then stand up or scurry off. ... Animals are more instinctive than humans, and therefore are able to judge better how much Reiki they need. When giving Reiki to animals, follow the same basic guidelines as when treating people, and pay attention to any areas that seem to draw more energy.

Reiki for Plants: Universal Life Force Energy is manifested in plants the same as in humans and animals, and respond very positively to Reiki. When treating household plants begin at the roots, by placing your hands around the pot. When you feel that the roots have drawn enough energy, move up and direct Reiki to the main body of the plant by holding your hands about 1 inch from the leaves. You can also give Reiki to seeds before planting them in your garden, by cupping them in your hands, and Reiki to trees by placing your hands on the trunk of the tree. If you have attained Second Degree Reiki, you can administer Reiki to plants and trees using the absentee, or long distance method.

Reiki for Food & Drink: Reiki energy can also be used to enrich you food and drink, and increase it's nutritional value. While food is cooking you can hold your hands above the pan. Once food is on the plate you can either hold your hands above the plate, or at either side of the plate with your palms facing in. As you can see, the second method would work very well when eating in a restaurant. Use the same principle for liquids. Hold the glass, bottle, cup, or container in your hands for a few minutes, giving it Reiki. Try it with a glass of water and see if you notice a difference! You can also do this with hot liquids.

Other Uses: There are so many uses for Reiki on a daily basis:

Before giving a present, spend a few minutes treating it with Reiki. You've just given a double gift!

Cleanse and charge rooms in your house, or even hotel rooms by using the first symbol in the corners of the room, or by holding your hands on the walls for a few minutes.

Visualize the first symbol in front of you to "protect" yourself from negative energies when in crowded locations.

Use Reiki for malfunctioning appliances, jammed locks, computers, car batteries jewelry, and for treating crystals and stones!"


  1. I knew reiki was a good thing to do, I didnt know all the practial uses throughout your day and different situations, I need to get reiki training.

  2. I have actually recharged batteries (not for very long but long enough to count) using reiki. You can also reiki situations which will help them unravel. Beware that Reiki will always work towards the universe's highest good which may not always be what you perceive to be your own personal highest good.

    Pilates and Reiki In Paradise