Saturday, September 13, 2008

Quantum Wellness: Kathy Freston's 8 Pillars of Wellness

  1. Meditation: "It's really just getting quiet, going inside and connecting to that inner light. For some people, it's religious and spiritual, connecting to that higher power. For other people, it's just a matter of becoming present."

  2. Conscious Eating: "The mother of all pillars is conscious eating. It doesn't only make a difference to our own personal health and well-being, but conscious eating means you stay aware of where your food comes from, how the animals are treated and how the environment is affected by the foods that you eat. You take in the energy of whatever went into creating that food."

  3. Exercise: 3-6 times a week for 30 minutes a day. "It's good for your body, mind and spirit, especially when you're outside."

  4. Visualization. "It's like creating a blueprint for the way I want to become and setting down the intention. I journal in my notebook, and I think about where I want to go, who I want to be. Then, I just need to close my eyes and see the breakthrough happening."

  5. Spiritual Practice "I have [a statue of Kuan Yin, a Chinese diety for compassion] in my bedroom because I always want to be reminded that it's not just about me. So as much as I can, [I try] to be aware of the suffering that's all around and to be compassionate. I think that's the best spiritual practice anyone can have."

  6. Self Work: "What I do is I read all the time, whether it's on nutrition or spirituality or emotional well-being."

  7. Service: "When I was feeling depressed and like life wasn't going my way, I started volunteering and doing service, and things had a way of just turning around. I felt like I didn't get fixated on my own self-centered fear, and I felt like there was an abundance in the universe that I was participating in. And that made me feel really good."

  8. Fun Activities: "Doing something fun just kind of loosens up your energy, makes you feel grateful for everything, and you have levity in your life, which is important. Once a day, I do something fun, whether just rocking out to music or painting."

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