Wednesday, September 24, 2008


A few days ago, I was in the shower thinking about my eating habits and how I'm slipping back into bad ones, and I thought to myself "I am going to try to make better food choices."  Then I remembered some advice I was given a year or so ago that really helped me.  A quote actually, from that wise person, Yoda.  Today, we had lunch at the Chinese restaurant.  And what do you think my fortune advice cookie said?  Yep.

How weird is that??

* * *

Last year St. Joseph's Indian School sent me a dreamcatcher key ring and assorted other paper goods while asking for donations. I kept that key ring hung up in my bathroom, until I bought a bigger one in Virginia. A couple of weeks ago I started using the key ring as an actual key ring.  Last week (Friday I think) I lost it!  It just disappeared.  I had a nice surprise when I got home tonight. In the mail was a packet from the school, and in it a new keyring!! Awesomeness.

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