Sunday, October 21, 2007


Here's a great eBates promotion!

If you aren't already on eBates check it out, especially with holiday shopping season upon us. It's a great site where you get cash back for shopping online. There are hundreds of online stores in the program. Amazon and eBay don't participate, but lots of others do, including iTunes, Avon,, Target, Home Shopping Network, Discovery Channel Store, and many many many more. You just use their links before you shop and you get a percentage back on your purchase (the percentage depends on the store). If I'm going to shop online, I always go there first to see if the store I want is there. Then every 3 months you get a check (or you can have it deposited in PayPal or paid to a charity) as long as you have at least $5 in your account. I think I have around $20 in mine right now.

So the promotion is, if you sign up now when you make your first purchase you and I will each get $10 put in our account (usually it's $5 for referrals). Offer ends November 15. Just use this link!

Or you can just use my email address jamieannharman @ when you sign up.

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