Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Top Office Pet Peeves

A Harris Interactive poll on biggest pet peeves in the workplace found:

60% - Gossip
54% - Poor time management, which included people making personal phones calls at work or surfing the Internet during work time
45% - Messiness in communal spaces, such as unwashed dishes in the kitchen sinks
42% - Potent smells like perfume, food, or smoke
41% - Loud noises such as speaker phones, loud talking and loud phone ring tones at
28% - Overuse of electronic personal communications devices in meetings
22% - Misuse of e-mail

But people are not so willing to take action against offending coworkers. 42% said they would say something directly to a person being too loud but only 34% would raise their concerns about gossiping and only 25% address a person directly about misuse of e-mail.


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