Thursday, June 05, 2008

Acceptance, Enjoyment & Enthusiasm (and a few other things)

I was listening to the last part of the New Earth webcast today and finished the book recently. The last chapter (Ch. 10) really brings everything together. Just some quick notes about it.

Awakened Doing. If you aren't in a state of acceptance, enjoyment or enthusiasm, look closely at what you are doing and you will likely find you are causing suffering for yourself and/or others.

Acceptance = accepting the present moment as it is. This is the way it is right now. Or this is something I have to do right now. I don't like it, but I'm not going to resist or fight against it. I will accept it and change
my attitude and vibration about it.

Enjoyment = bringing mindfulness and attention to what you are doing. Being present, you can allow joy to flow through you into what you do.

Enthusiasm = when you are doing something you really love to do or working toward a goal you feel passionately about, enthusiasm allows a greater force to channel into what you're doing and elevate you to an even higher level.

* * *

Not related to New Earth really, but related to being present. Consciousness, being present in the now, is so important in so many areas of our lives. We need to be conscious about all the choices we make every day. For me, one of those things is conscious eating. I am given opportunities to practice this all the time. Like the candy dish near my desk. Every time I walk by it (which I have to do to get ANYWHERE), I make a conscious choice not to eat the chocolate. If I decide to have a Hershey's kiss, then I will make a conscious choice to do so, not just grab one because it's there and gulp it down without even tasting it.

* * *

I have lost 3 pounds this week! -46. The past 3 days I've been a pound down every day. Usually when I go down a pound the next day it will go back up and a few days later will go back down and stay. So maybe tomorrow I'll be -45 again. But I've been really trying to do better this week because I have slacked recently, eating things I shouldn't.

I also started some of my new supplements this week (CoQ10 and Siberian Ginseng) - don't know if that has anything to do with it or not.

* * *

One more thing, my new motto is "Live Life Joyfully" I bought a block thing with that on it when we were on vacation and have it on my desk to remind me.

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