Sunday, June 29, 2008

Healing Weeds

I was interested to read this because red clover is so common around here, and I wanted to note this for future reference.  The article didn't include pics so I had to look them up. I'm not sure how exactly you would prepare these to use but I'll have to look that up some other time.  Maybe in a tea?  Or in salad?? 

If you do eat weeds, be sure and pick them in an area free from toxins and animal waste, of course.  And as with anything, you should consult a medical professional before treating any illnesses with herbs.  Especially if you are taking prescription medication.

Chickweed: Add to salad.  Nourishes lymph and glandular systems. Good for cysts, fevers, inflammations, yeast overgrowth and fatty deposits.

Large photo without blooms

Dandelion: All parts (root to flower) are beneficial. Good for liver, urinary tract, female reproductive system, insomnia, arthritis, hypoglycemia and diabetes. Has cancer- and virus-fighting properties. Sap from a cut stem may be used to treat blemishes, corns, stings, warts and other skin problems.  (I think we all know what it looks like - I knew I should be cultivating them instead of killing them!!)

Nettle: Can sting. Gather carefully and tincture or cook. Great source of calcium, good for regrowing thinning hair, kidneys, adrenals, respiratory system, asthma and other bronchial and lung complaints.

Larger photo with blooms

Red Clover: A friend just bought an herbal supplement for women that had this in it.  Good for menopausal women. Used in traditional spring tonics to purify and revitalize the entire system. High in calcium. Useful for bronchitis and other respiratory conditions.


Source:  The Healing Weeds in Your Yard

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